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19 August 2006 @ 01:53 pm
Title: phobia
Fandom: Jc Chasez, Dark Angel
Characters: Jc Chasez
Prompt: 097. Kiss
Word Count: 219
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The explanation of a needle phobia
Disclaimer: Jc is his own person. Dark angel belongs to other people.

It was a well known fact that he had a needle phobia. More than once he had ran from a doctor brandishing a needle. He put up with jokes from his old band mates about his needle phobia. He always answered all of the questions various teen magazines would ask about his needle phobia. He put up with all of it and never told anyone the truth. It was all a lie.

He had no needle phobia. It was a story made up by the PR people at Jive record label to hide a sinister truth. On the back of his neck, there is a tattoo. A tattoo that identifies him to a select group of people as an extremely dangerous individual. A person that once found should be detained at all costs. As a child, the tattoo was covered with various plasters and bandages. At the age of 12 concealor was used or his hair was grown long enough to cover up the tattoo. As a twenty year old, he began to have the tattoo lasered of every four weeks. Then when he reached the age of 29, he had a two month period where he did not laser his tattoo of or use anything to cover up the tattoos existence.

It was something he lived to regret.
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