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16 August 2006 @ 03:39 pm
Title: Birthday
: Dark Angel/Supernatural
Dean, Ben

091. Birthday
Word Count:
Every year he lights a candle on Bens Birthday.

They are not my characters. 

Every year on the 10th of July, I light a candle for Ben.

I always find the time to go to a church.   After Manticore, a church was the only place Ben really felt comfortable being in.  I tell Ben all about what has happened in the past year.  I always tell Ben how Max is.  I know how much he adored her.  I even mention the other X5s he escaped with that cold night 14 years ago.  The X5s he always called family even though every single one of them abandoned him to the harshness of the real world.    I can never include max in that group of X5s even though she is one of them.  Max was with Ben in the end.  She took care of him when I could not.

Sometimes I bring a cupcake with me.  Ben had a sweet tooth.  Apart from being identical in looks, it was another thing which we both had in common.

While i am at the church, I always ask the blue lady to keep a watchful eye on his soul.  When Ben was fifteen, I told him that the blue lady was actually called the Virgin Mary, but he did not pay any real attention to what I had told him.  Every time I light a candle for him, I ask to be forgiven for not being there when he needed me. 

When his birthday falls on one of my less than normal days, I curse everyone for not noticing that his madness was becoming more of a problem.  Ben found it so hard to deal with the real world.  It could never measure up to what he had always imagined as a child.  Ben was always left forever disappointed.


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