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16 August 2006 @ 12:25 pm
Title: Paralysis
: Supernatural/CSI:  Miami
Dean, Horatio Caine, Timothy speedle
096. Paralysis
Word Count:
mentions death
Dean goes to see his lover for one last time
they are not my characters


Dean sneaked into the Miami Crime Labs morgue.  He was extra careful not to be seen by anyone.  That wasn’t to hard to do as the whole building had been evacuated due to a covenant phone call warning of a bomb in the building.  The phone call had given him at least two hours to find the morgue, see his partner and get out of the building.

He found the morgue after a twenty-minute search.  It took him another ten minutes to find the draw his lover currently occupied.  When he pulled the draw open and took a good look at his lover, he was struck by just how peaceful his lover looked.  Other than his lips, having a slight blue tinge you would not have known he was dead and had been for a few hours.  His lover looked just like he was sleeping.  Dean did not want to touch him.  He did not want to take away the memory of feeling his lover’s cold flesh beneath his fingers.

His lover of two years was dead.  No one knew of there relationship and he was alone in his grief.

With one final look at his lover, he pushed the draw shut.

Then the door to the morgue opened and he came face to face with a person he knew to be Horatio Caine.

“I knew you would be here,” Horatio said.  He had known that the telephone call warning of a bomb ion the building was a hoax.  Usually he would have gone after the person who made such a stupid phone call, but for this one time, he was going to make an exception.  Instead of joining, the others outside the building he had waited for the man speed had always spoken about with great affection.

“His not coming back,” Dean brokenly asked

“No.  No his not,” Horatio replied and it pained him a great deal to admit that.  Walking towards the man he only knew though speed he gently guided him towards the morgues exit “I believe it is time you met my team”.

The early paralyzing fear he had felt at being discovered in the morgue by Horatio was no longer there.  Following Horatio, he walked out of the morgues doors.

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