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16 August 2006 @ 12:23 pm
Title: Kiss
: CSI: Miami, Supernatural
Dean, Timothy speedle
097. Kiss
Word Count:
slash.  The first time I have tried to write something like this, so it may suck.  It can only get better after this
The act of kissing in the backseat of an Impala
They are not my characters. 

Dean moved across the back seat of his beloved Impala with a smile on his lips.  He ran his tongue across his bottom lip knowing that it gave his lover a thrill.  He moved in closer to his lovers lips taking hi time by playfully sucking at his bottoms lip, before giving his lover a heat searing kiss.

“Move,” Tim asked he was so damn so close to begging Dean to take him now, but he wanted this to last.  He wanted to have fun with his lover.  Something that the two of them rarely got the time do.

Dean moved further down his lover’s body.  Upon finding the small dip in his lover’s collarbone, he smiled.  He slowly began to suck at the small dip in his lover’s collarbone.  When his lover moaned he began to lick the spot.

“Lower,” Tim asked as he ran a hand though Dean’s beautiful silky hair.

Dean could only smile at his lovers orders.  Orders that he was only to happy to obey.  With a devious grin, he began to kiss a now erect nipple.

“Lower,” he moaned.

Dean blew a small breathe over the tip of his lovers now erect penis.  Then he placed a kiss on the tip of his lover’s penis. With a grin, he finished with the kissing and went straight on to his favorite part of the whole event.


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