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04 August 2007 @ 12:23 pm

Title: The Memory Remains
Fandom: Men in Black, Supernatural, Slight Buffy crossover
Characters: Dee (Dean Winchester), Jay (John Winchester), Agent Summers (Buffy), illegal immigrants and Mike

PG – 13

This is a rewrite of the men in black movie. It is in answer to a spn bunnie in which someone wanted Dean and Sam as Men in Black. This is my response. The films dialogue will be used in this story.  This hasn't been beta read, so it will have mistakes.  It has now been beta read.
John Winchester has been named Jay, as that is the first letter of his name.
Dean Winchester has been name Dee as the first letter of his name is D.
Dean and John are still father and son. There relationship will be explained in some detail over the next few chapters.
Word count:
They protect the earth from aliens who wish to do them harm.
They are not my characters and belong to those that created them.


It was the early hours of a Sunday morning and the road was as quiet as a heavy metal fan at a Britney Spears concert.  The Texas skies were filled with stars that provided the only source of light on the dark summer’s night.


Being Texas and the height of summer, the skies were filled with what seemed to be millions of insects.  Insects that had been attracted to the windshield of the Impala.  The bodies of the insects formed a sticky film on the Impala’s  windshield and it would be a bitch to clean it of.  The car was parked on small hill that was just four hundred feet from the main road.  It was an easy enough place for them to move it  quickly if needed.


A bug flew in the though the Impala’s open passenger window.


 Sitting in the passenger seat, Jay swats at the bug.  “Fucking Bug.”


Dee the car’s only other occupant sat behind the wheel staring out into the dark night.  He said, “Close the damn window.”


Both men were dressed in white shirts, black ties and black suits.  The black shoes they wore were so shiny they could have been used as mirrors.


Jay the older of the two men did not appreciate being stuck in a car in the height of summer.  He was only ten years away from retirement and this was not how he pictured spending his time.  “We shouldn’t be out here doing this job,”  Jay said.  It was annoying the way Dee could just sit in the damn car and not be bothered by the heat.


“We are the best at what we do Jay.  Would you leave this up to any of the other teams?” Dee asked.  Briefly looking at the pack of Marlboros he had placed on the dashboard earlier on.  A cigarette right now would calm his nerves.  Just one cigarette would make him feel a lot better but he couldn’t have a one just in case they were seen.


“You’re going to end up like John Wayne.”


Wayne smoked those for decades I’ve only been smoking for a year,” Dee replied, not taking his eyes of the cigarettes.

Jay knew that after being in the car for three hours without a cigarette Dee was getting withdrawals.  “You have just one cigarette and this mission is screwed.”  Pausing he added,.  “you’re gonna end up like everyone else who smoked and thought they would be one of the ones not to get cancer.”


Jay knew him too well.  Hell he wasn’t going to fuck up this mission because he wanted a cigarette.  “I’ll just quit after this mission.”


“Yeah where have I heard that before.”


“Jay this time I will quit … ah here we go.”  Dee reached for the Impala’s ignition key.  “They’ve finally arrived.”


In the distance the headlights of a single vehicle could be seen on the road.


“We gonna wait for back up?”


“No, they’ll be here when we’ve dealt with the runaway.  You know how Zed seems to know when we need the clean up crew,” Dee remarked.


“He sees all and knows all,” Jay said with a smile. ”Fuck man he’s probably got every device we have bugged.”


“You know that wouldn’t surprise me,” Jay said


The Impala’s engine started with a rumble that was distinctive for that type of car.  This particular Impala had an extra-added rumble that came from hidden extras that could not be seen.


They both watched as several sets of headlights appeared on the road to their left.  The headlights belonged to a couple of jeeps, a couple of police cars that were at the end of there working life.  The vehicles were all blocking the road.


It was the Border Patrol.  They were about to try to stop the illegal immigrants from getting into the country.  Dee smiled.  The Border Control agents had no damn idea what they were dealing with most of the time, and he liked it that way.  Cops with too much knowledge were always more of a hindrance than a help.


The approaching vehicle slowed down coming to a complete halt just before the roadblock.  Dee could see that it was a white van that looked as if the only thing holding it together was the rust.  That meant that the van had most probably spent a while in Mexico before making a final dash for the border.


Dee put the Impala into gear.  “Let’s go catch us a vermin,” he said, looking at Jay and smiling an honest to god grin.


“You watch way too many cartoons,” Jay replied


Dee could only laugh as he put his foot to the accelerator.  The Impala’s tires spun and threw up dirt along with a few stones.


They were headed for the road where the stand off was happening.


With a skill that Jay envied on most days, Dee put the Impala behind the white van.


There were eight Border Patrol agents surrounding the van as if the van contained the answer to what life meant.  The arrival of the Impala caused most of them to pull out there guns.  The illegal immigrants, used to being stopped after they crossed the border, looked on with disinterest.  Lined up by the side of the van they had nothing to lose by the arrival of the two men.


Dee and Jay got out of the Impala.  “Hello everyone,” Dee said.  Both he and Jay held up their ID so none of the cops would shoot.  “We’ll take it from here.”


A woman of no more than thirty walked over to where Jay and Dee stood, shined her little flashlight on both of there ID’s checking them out.  “I’m Agent Summers,” the woman said  “This is my operation what are you doing ___?”


She finally made out there ID’s and said with a startled grasp, “You’re Border Control.”


“INS, Division Six,” Dee said, sliding the ID back in his pocket.


“I’ve never heard of Division Six.”


“Well that’s a surprise.  Honestly kid you need to keep up with those monthly memos from HQ.  It’s our job to monitor operations like these.”


“Nobody told me _,”


“Why would they tell you we would be coming?  It would spoil the whole point of us being here.  These monitor operations of ours are meant to be a surprise and not something that you expect.  Now get back there with the other agents and let us have a few words with these nice people.”


It was just matter of attitude Dee knew that.  It was something that he had learned while still hunting the supernatural and questioning unsuspecting people for information.  Act like you were in charge and it was relatively easy to remain that way.  If the whole attitude thing didn’t work, there were other means to get what he wanted.


The Mexicans stood in a neat line all nervous of what was about to come.  They were a group of people ranging in age from a young baby to those reaching the end of there life.


“What do you think Jay?”


Jay walked along the line of people looking at each of the illegals in careful detail.  “Hard to say we’re just going to have to question them.”


Dee nodded in agreement.  He moved to the first woman in the line.  She was a short woman in a skirt, t-shirt and what looked like sandals “Cómo se llama?”  What’s your name?


“Maria,” the woman sweetly replied


Dee moved further on down the line to one of the grannies he said, “No se preocupe, abuela. Bienvenida a los Estados Unidos.” Don’t worry grandmother welcome to the US.


“Gracias,”  the grandmother replied


He kept up with the Spanish as he moved down the line being friendly and welcoming.


When he reached the sixth person in line a man Dee turned to Jay who nodded in silent agreement.  This could be the man they were looking for.  Still speaking in Spanish Dee said to the man. “Would you like me to feed your entails to a demon?”


The man remained smiling.


Jay and Dee looked at each other.  “Maybe his into pain and likes being talked dirty to,” Jay said.


“Could be.”


“You don’t know what I’m saying do you,” Dee said, still speaking in Spanish.


The man just continued to smile as if all was right with the world.


The other illegals standing in the line looked on at their fellow illegal.  From his appearance, it was obvious that man should know what was being said to him.  It was more obvious that he did not and that worried the other illegals.


“He’s the one,” Dee said as he looked at Jay again.  In spanish he said, “You’re all free to go.  Get back into the van and go.”


Agent Summers as expected, took exception to that announcement.  “You can’t do that.”


“Lady, I can do anything I want with these illegals.  This is a division six operation and if you are going to get all pissy about it, then you will be finishing your career in a town that has a population of one.  I’ll make damn sure that the only company you ever have is your hand.”


Summers visibly paled.


It was all just matter of having the right attitude.  Act as if you are in charge and most people will believe anything you have to say.


The vans driver didn’t wait to be told otherwise.  He quickly got back into the van shouted at his passengers who eagerly got in too.  The van then drove around the roadblock and hightailed it into  America.


“This just isn’t done,”  Summers said.


“Agent Summers, seeing a person who running though the streets of Las Vegas, naked, covered in honey, and not married just is not done.  Now run along and let the big boys deal with this issue.”


Agent Summers stubbornly stood her ground with her colleagues backing her up.


Dee said, “Go before I call that boss of yours and let him know just how uncooperative you have been.”


For a moment, Agent Summers just stood in front of him unwilling to move.  Dee had faced down supernatural creatures, hormonal aliens and little brother with a lethal set of puppy eyes, he had no problem out-staring her.


Summers was the first one to blink.  She muttered something about a house full of young slayers and end of the world shit being easier to deal with than him.  Keeping his face neutral, Dee gave no indication that he had heard any of Agent Summers rant.


Once Agent Summers and the others were out of sight Jay and Dee turned to their prisoner.  “This way,” Jay said. “We need to discuss a few things.”


From underneath his coat Jay took out a gun that resembled a .44 Magnum and pointed it at their prisoner.  This gun bore little resemblance to the standard Magnum.  It had a few modifications that were very unusual.


It was more than apparent that the prisoner understood English and the meaning of Jay pointing a gun at him.  The prisoner moved of the road and behind a couple of bushes that were devoid of any leaves.


Dee put his arm around the prisoners shoulders.  “You got of the bus in the wrong part of town didn’t you.  See that’s understandable Americas is a big place.  Your not being an immigrant seeking there slice of the America dream.  Where you come from is not anywhere near here.”


With those words, Dee pulled an electronic zipper from his coat pocket and triggered it running it down the entire length of the prisoner’s body.  A light on the end of the electronic zipper flashed and there was a sound of someone undoing a large item of clothing.


The prisoner’s clothes peeled away from his body.


Then the flesh peeled away from the prisoner’s body.


What remained of the prisoner was a six-foot tall creature with scales, small smiley tentacles and eyes mounted on stalks.  The only part of the prisoner’s suit that remained behind was the head.  The head was mounted on a stick being held in the creatures slimy tentacles.  The head continued to smile as the alien continued to operate the controls.


“Mikey when did they let you out of jail.”  Dee asked.


Mikey replied with a series of words that were more like sounds and clicks.


Dee said “Political refugee.  Shit Mikey do I look like I am going to believe that.”


Mikey made a slight clicking sound.


Jay said; “Unauthorized immigration, non payment of landing fee, failure to document inoculations, failure to obtain a visa.  Mikey this list just goes on and on.  You are in a lot of trouble.”


Dee said.  “Whoever bought you to Mexico is going to owe you a refund.  You should have at least got one of those language implants or a contraband universal translator.  Can’t trust anyone these days Mikey.”


Mikey made a few more sounds that accounted for a language in his species.


“Mikey you should know by now not to lie to us.  Lying won’t get you anywhere with us.  You don’t want to add bribery to your list of crimes, do you?”


Mikey went quiet.  The best thing he had done since the whole integration started.


“Give me the head and put down the tentacles.”  Dee ordered.


“Fuck me,” a decidedly female voice said from behind them.


Jay, Dee and Mikey turned around.


Agent Summers was standing there staring at them opened mouthed.


“Fuck.” Jay said.

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(Anonymous) on August 5th, 2007 12:12 am (UTC)
You need a good Beta.
claudia_lexanclaudia_lexan on August 5th, 2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
I do know that. I did also mention this was the unbeta'd verison, so it is full of mistakes
questioning in order to create: black mambatigriswolf on August 5th, 2007 12:45 am (UTC)
*hee* Thank you!
claudia_lexanclaudia_lexan on August 5th, 2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
thank you, I will let you know when I get it beta'd, because I know the spelling and the grammer could be a lot better
Anazrianazri on August 22nd, 2007 09:02 am (UTC)
Hi! Sorry for random commenting. I'm a mod over at topgearslash, and this is just a routine check - are you completely okay with both slash and RPS?

Thanks, please reply to this comment :)
claudia_lexanclaudia_lexan on August 22nd, 2007 10:42 am (UTC)
I love slash and I have a few rps pairings as my claim for writing communities. I prefer slash to het