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10 July 2007 @ 12:24 pm

Title: Since I’ve been loving you
Fandom: Doctor Who, Supernatural
Characters: Dean Winchester, Doctor Who, Jack Harkness
Prompt: 071 Broken

Word Count: 710
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: His come to the church to say goodbye as it is the only place he has left that is safe.

Disclaimer: They are not my characters and belong to those that created them.


It was a small church in a backwater town that no one had ever heard of.  The church had long since been abandoned as had the rest of the town when a virus of unknown origin occurred.  A virus that had appeared out of nowhere and destroyed what was once a lively town.  The town was now a place that very few people choose to visit, as they were too fearful of a virus that no longer existed.  Then there were those who visited the town simply because no one else would.

There were two men in existence that knew that the town had not been destroyed by a virus.  One of those men was currently attempting to hide from his destiny and the other was in town ignoring his destiny.

The man walked though the doors of what used to be a well cared for church and sat down in a pew.  Churches were not normally a place he would visit but they were the only place of safety he had left.  God protected a church.  It didn’t matter if the church had been abandoned by its parishioners it was still protected by god.  Stepping out from the pew, he went to the top of the altar.  If he were still able to he would light a candle and say a few words.  There were no candles to be seen anywhere but he still had his voice.

It was something of a small relief that his lovers couldn’t see him.  He was bruised and battered.  The final battle with the demon had left him with several stitches on his face, a couple of broken bones and bone deep weariness.  He was tried of a hunt that never seemed to end.  He was tried of being the savior when all he wanted to do was just be.

Running his hand across the feet of Christ, he opened his mouth and began to speak.

“You both left me and I could get all pissy about it but I won’t.  I had two months where my life wasn’t filled with the hunt.  I had a chance to just be me and during those two months, I realized something.  A hunter is all I am and it’s all I will ever be.  I’m not bitter or angry about that.  I just know that other people get the normal life and I get the one filled with supernatural shit.  I want to say thank you.  You both gave me two months of happy memories.  Memories that I hold on to. 

The hunt for the demon is over his finally dead.  I’m the one who put a bullet though the son of bitchs head.  It wasn’t as satisfying as I hoped it would be.  It just left me feeling empty.  I didn’t get that happy feeling I jest felt empty.  Sammy died but it was a permanent thing.  He thinks I made a deal with a demon to bring him back.  I love Sammy I would do anything for him but why would I make a deal to bring him back when I didn’t make one for our dad.  Something bran Sam back but it wasn’t me.

I can’t die.  I haven’t told anyone else that not even Sammy but I can’t die.  I think it has something to do with the reaper the first reaper I met.  Even though I can’t die I can still feel pain.  I don’t heal any faster.  When I do heal, it doesn’t leave any scars that can be seen but I still have scars from the injuries.  Neither of you are ever going to hear this but I did love both I still do. “

He stopped speaking and touched the statue of Christ one last time before he walked out of the church.  He didn’t look back, not even when he could hear the distinctive sound of the Tardis.  He kept waling until he reached his car.

Once he was in the safety of his car he started the engine and was about drive away when two men running out of the church.  As they got closer to the car, his heart quickened.  When he could clearly recognize the two men as his lovers, he drove away.

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