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09 June 2007 @ 03:40 pm

001.First Kiss 002.Meeting the family 003.Singing along with the radio 004.A summer's night 005.First Glance
006.Stolen moments 007.A stolen kiss 008.Starlight 009.Sleeping in 010.Dealing with paperwork
011.Waiting for help 012.Standing in the rain 013.Staying up late 014.Covered in chocolate 015.Around a campfire
016.Watching the clock 017.Cuddling 018.Making the bed 019.Watching the game 020.Skating
021.Making dinner 022.In the emergency room 023.Dinner for three 024.Anniversary party 025.Picnic in the park
026.Waiting and hoping 027.Movie Night 028.Dancing under the stars 029.Reservation for three 030.Looking for forever

Yet another table, this one is for my Dean Winchester/Jack Harkness/Doctor who threesome pairing.
Current Mood: crankycranky