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02 April 2007 @ 03:49 pm
Title: Smell
Fandom: Bourne movies/Ocean Movies
Characters Included: Jason Bourne/Rusty Ryan
Prompt: #036 Smell (drabbles100), List 1 – Smell (5_sense
Word Count: 131
Rating: PG

He walks though the Las Vegas casino tracking a smell that is familiar.  A smell that brings back memories of a life he used to share with his one time lover Rusty.  Rusty was a man that had known him before his incarnation as Jason Bourne.  Rusty had known him as David Webb and he had precious few memories of that period of his life.  As he walks though the rows upon row of slot machines, he knows that he is getting closer to the source of the smell.  As he reaches the end of the slot machine rows, he catches a fleeting glimpse of Rusty. 


In his rush to get closer to Rusty he, bumps into a vacationing couple and by the time he has finished apologizing Rusty is gone.

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