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21 March 2007 @ 03:12 pm
Title: Duty.
Author: claudia_lexan
Fandom: Nysnc/Buffy the vampire slayer
Characters: Jc Chasez, brief mentions of Nysnc.
Prompt: 097 Duty
Word Count: 474
Rating: ‘PG-13’
Warnings/Spoilers: I have no beta as I have yet to find one who is willing to beta read the rpf stuff I write. There are no spoilers for Buffy. The idea of this fic is that Jc is a slayer, but he wasn’t told his friends. This is just the first part and will continue
Summary: There is a reason why he can never be contacted at night
Disclaimer: The whole idea of Buffy belongs to Joss Wheldon. Nysnc are real and this is just a work of fiction.


He was over two hours late for Justin’s party.  Well it wasn’t so much of a party but a small get together for the members of Nysnc.  He had made a promise to be on time for the get together but it was a promise he had broken.  He knew that the guys wouldn’t understand his lateness they didn’t know about.  They had no idea just how fucked up his life was.

He was currently walking though the lesser-known parts of LA.  The parts of LA that the gang bangers were afraid of venturing into at night.  To him those parts of LA were just part of the route he walked though each night.    Tonight the same as every other night no one bothered him.  The fact he was famous didn’t count for shit in this part of LA.  People in this part of LA recognized the power he had.  They recognized the power of someone who could it needed kill without any regret.

It wasn’t that he liked to keep in shape that bought him out onto these streets.  He was out on these streets because he had no choice.  It was his duty to be here.  According to his now ex-watcher it was his destiny.  A destiny that was going to get him killed.  He stepped into a long abandoned playground walked past the rusty swings with there broken seats and rusty climbing frames.  Once in the middle of the playground he stood still and waited.  He didn’t have to wait for long.  A vampire appeared out of the shadows and violently pushed him to the ground before he was able to react.

*Well fuck that was not meant to happen.* he thought.  He was meant to dust the vampire who jumped out at him not get pushed to the ground.

He very quickly jumped back onto his feet and into a defensive position.  With his hands, he gestured for the vampire to have another go at attacking him.  For ten minutes, he traded brutal blows with the vampire until a viscous kick to his side sent him back down to the ground again.  As he fell to the ground he felt his ribs break from the pain that quickly made itself known he knew that he had broken at least two of his ribs.  Ignoring the pain from his ribs, he got back onto his feet.

He punched the vampire in quick succession.  He then delivered a roundhouse kick to the vampires jaw.  That kick sent the vampire falling backwards though the set of swings.  With a liquid smooth movement, he broke of a nearby metal pole that once told the patrons of the playground to keep the dogs on a lead and knocked the vampire completely of balance.   He then plunged the sign into the vampire’s undead heart.

Waving his hand slightly to get rid of the dust from the vampire that ha briefly filled the air in front of him he smiled.

Another vampire dealt with.  Now all he had to do was get to Justin’s house.  Walking out of the playground, he brushed the remaining vampire dust of his leather jacket and winced.  Although he had always healed quickly, two broken ribs still hurt.  He began to walk back out of the part of LA he had come to and towards a place in LA where he could get a taxi.



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