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20 March 2007 @ 12:54 pm

Title: I Hate You
Author: Angel
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven/Supernatural
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Chris Larabee

Prompt: Set One – I Hate You
Rating: PG-13
Word Count 1,117
Summary: Dean used to have a happy life two years ago, but then his past came back with a vengeance.

Notes: The Magnificent Seven is set in the ATF universe (modern times) for timeline purposes.
Disclaimer:  I do not own these characters.  I am just using them for this fic.


Two years ago, before Sam had been forced to rejoin the hunt he had been happy.  He had a job as a barman in a place given the nickname of the Saloon.  He had a great lover and a great set of friends that were known as the magnificent seven.   Two years ago, he had a life that was far removed from the hunt.  A life that neither his dad nor Sam would ever imagine for him.


Then like everything else in his life, the past he had never spoke of with his lover and knew found friends returned with a vengeance. 


It began with a spirit that was hurting an apartment in the building where VIN lived.  He had offered to look into the problem and had found out that the sprit had a thing for children.  The spirit had been one of the easiest spirits he had ever dealt with.  All he needed to do was burn and salt the bones.  He had found the bones of the spirit in a nearby graveyard that luckily for him had been abandoned years ago.  The residents of the building had thanked him, which was an unusual ting for him.  When he usually saved people from a spirit or any other supernatural nasty, he was just deemed crazy.  The residents of the apartment building had understood what would have happened if the spirit had been left to its own devices.  It was with that one spirit that his life with Chris began to unravel.  He was forced to tell Chris and his friends about his life as a hunter.  In the beginning, they were supportive.  They all wanted to knew about the supernatural world and without any hesitation he told them.


Then his dad found him.


His dad was less than happy that he had walked away from the hunt and given up o the hunt for the demon that killed his mom.  His dad found out about Chris and his friends.  He found out and set out to destroy them.  His dad told Chris the brutal harsh details of his life, the many credit card frauds and all the laws he had broken.  He could only watch as one by one they all began to look at him differently.  Chris began to check up on him more frequently.  The rest of the seven no longer wanted to spend time with him.  Chris and the rest of the seven were slowly cutting him out of there life’s. 


Well he was a Winchester and he wasn’t going to take it.


The first thing he did was to quit his job as a barman. 


The second thing he did was to call his dad and tell him that e was back in the hunting game.


The third thing he did was to pack all of his belongings he had at Chris ranch into a duffel bag and put them into the trunk of his impala.  The only personal belonging he left behind was a photograph of him with Chris and the rest of the seven.


The fourth thing he did was to contact Chris while he was still at work and tell him that there relationship was over.  He knew Chris had put him on the office speakerphone when Buck demanded to know why he was dumping Chris.  He then did something that he promised he would never do to Chris or the seven he lied.  He told them that he had seen how they reacted to the truth of who he was and he hated it.  He didn’t like the way they viewed him with such hate and distrust.  Then he drove the nail into the coffin that was his relationship with Chris and the seven by telling them that he had knob love for Chris only hate.


Two years ago, he had walked away from a happy, normal life with Chris.


Now he was back in Denver.  He was running from the hunt again. He was trying to escape from the life of a hunter again. 

Two years had past since he has last seen Chris and the rest of the seven.  Two years and he had changed.  He was bitter and more hardened.  The Dean Chris had known was long dead.  He had died twice.  He had lost his dead.  He had been left broken by the events of the last two years.  He desperately wanted to see Chris bit the lie of two yeas ago prevented him from contacting Chris. 

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