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19 March 2007 @ 01:04 pm

001.HeavyJoshua has had enough he can no longer deal with the constant pressure of keeping his secret
002.SlipJoey asks him why he doesn’t talk to any of them anymore and he very nearly lets his secret slip
003.Uphold”Jay you can’t keep doing this you can’t push people away when you need support.”
004.MagicJoshua smiles at Joey and tells him that he can’t magically change the habits of a lifetime
005.HurryThree hours after the conversation with Joshua Joey has called the rest of the band and arranged to meet them at Lances house.
006.HoleSitting in the darkness of his house Joshua attempts to fill the hole in his soul with alcohol
007.MusicAs the music plays though the stereo speakers Joshua scrolls though the numbers of his cellphone until he finds the one he wants
008.InsideThey have all been at lances house for an hour before the subject of Joshua is bought up
009.LaterThree hours after the subject of Joshua is bought up they all agree that a visit is needed – they need to find out why there friend has been avoiding them.
010.OneIt takes just one phone call to tell Joshua’s parents’ what they are going to do - it is then that they discover Joshua’s parents disowned him six months ago
011.WorldHe used to have a family who loved him and a good career – he used to have the best of both worlds.
012.Cheat (dishonest)When Joey turns up at his house with the rest of the guys he knows its an ambush – when lance asks him why he has been avoiding them all he lies
013.PinkAfter a few minutes of silence Justin looks him in the eye and demands the truth – Joshua replies that he is gay, but that isn’t why he has been avoiding them
014.Love”My parents were meant to love me for just being me but they couldn’t even do that.” Joshua said
015.Eat”It’s been six months and you couldn’t tell us that your parents had disowned you- This must have been eating away at you.” Chris said
016.StoneJoshua wants to tell Chris that he has harden his heart to any pain his family may cause him, but it would be a lie
017.BossNoticing that Joshua has gone silent Joey ushers’ them all into the living are
018.Feather”Just talk to us,” Justin asked – Joshua began to speak and when he had finished speaking an hour later his soul felt lighter than it had done in years
019.Here (to this place)”Jay you should never have let it get this far.” Joey said
020.Now (present time)”He has a point Jay, promise us that you will do thai again.”
021.ParentTwo hours later and the guys have all gone home it is then that he makes the decision to call his parents.
022.Free”It’s called free will, you know the right to act as I damn well please.” Joshua snapped as he told his parents why he wasn’t going to change his sexuality just to satisfy them.
023.WhimsyIn a moment of playful behaviour or what his management would call crazy he tells a startled Carson Daly he is gay
024.WorryWhen he sobers up the next morning Justin can’t remember a damn thing from the day before and that worries him
025.Star”How could you be so damn stupid Justin you don’t tell Carson fucking Daly your gay – you’re a star not a drunken idiot,” Johnny said.
026.WayJoey watches the reaction to Justin’s announcement and waits fro the press to find a way to blame Joshua
027.DishChris listens to the radio presenters and various other people gossip about the possibility of a romance between jay and Justin – he knows it will only get worse before it gets better
028.Pride Cameron watches the fall out from Justin’s announcement with a smile on her face
029.BuildWhen a reporter ask Joshua what he thinks of Justin’s announcement he says “People will always building you up but they take so much more pleasure in knocking you back down.”
030.ExpelledAfter his comment Joshua has his contract with Jive cancelled – he is forced out of music and he feels dead inside
031.PerfectHe refuses to let the last few days bring him down - for the first time in his life he is free from any flaws in his character
032.NightIt is night time when Joey makes it to Justin’s house.
033.Lost”When Jc told me he was gay I was almost lost for words it shwat I have always wanted to hear,” Justin said.
034.Time “The time has come for you to make a decision about just how far you are willing to go for Joshua.”
035.Evil”How you have corrupted every women’s wet dream is better than anything I could have done,” Cameron sneered
036.TodayAfter avoiding all contact with Justin today was the day he told Justin why you couldn’t always get what you wanted from life
037.Crack”You’re an idiot Justin was giving you a chance at happiness why in gods name didn’t you take it,” Lance demanded.
038.Quit”I’m done being the one at fault for Justin’s announcement - it is not my fault that Justin is unhappy because someone told him no.”
039.Play “Your just playing at being gay” Chris asked
040.Nut (do ones nut)”Fuck you Chris,” Joshua snapped
041.DownNow that his friends are questioning if he is even gay Joshua finds himself sinker further into the depths of despair
042.ReadyJustin has reached the point when he is ready to tell the world what they want to hear just so he can get some much needed peace
043.SlowWith a slowness that would surprise most people Justin knocks on the front door of Joshua house
044.AnimalWhen Joshua opens the front door in just a towel wrapped around his waist Justin can barely form the words to ask if he can come in
045.TeenFollowing Joshua back up to the bedroom so Joshua can change he asks him how long he has known he was gay – Joshua tells him that he knew as a kid, but as a teen he was 100% sure.
046.BurnTwo days later Lance asks him why Justin isn’t the one for him – Joshua tells him that he has been down that path with Justin before and he is not going to do it again
047.Tie (pin down)Justin confronts Joshua and demands to know why they can’t have a relationship
048.BlastIn a voice full of malice Joshua tells Justin that any relationship they had would be a lie
049.TheyJustin can’t believe that the person he loves so much is being so mean to him
050.RotIn the space of two weeks Joshua has gone from being happy to a man on a steady decline into a personal hell of his own making

another table and this time it is for one fandom. I have chosen Nysnc.