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07 March 2007 @ 01:19 pm

Title: From the Inside
Fandom: Supernatural/ X Files
Pairing: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, mentions on Fox Mulder and Dana Scully
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Slight spoilers for the supernatural episode simon said
Summary: There are some secrets should be locked away deep inside your mind were no one can get to them
Prompt: 24 Family


Some secrets are never meant to be shared.

There are some secrets that should be locked away deep inside your mind were no one can get to them.

There are some secrets that he wants to scrub away from his mind and very soul.

Then there are secrets that someone with the powers of persuasion forces you to share.


It is as if another person is in control of your mind and body all you are is a bystander.  You are just watching as a long held secret is pulled from you.  You hear the words uttered in your voice and it is more than annoying.  A secret you kept for years a secret that was never meant to be shared is ripped out of your mind and put into words with your own voice.  You tell a stranger that you are not Dean Winchester.  When Sam demands that this snot nosed kid asks who you are and where Dean is you cringe.  The final part of your secret is told.  You hear yourself telling Sam that the snot nosed kid that a red headed woman and a man with a freaky ass name used to call you William. 

A snot nosed kid you later help but want to kill in the most painful of ways rips a long held secret out of your mind.  Sam stops looking at you like a brother and instead views you as an enemy that cannot be trusted.

Sam’s distrust of you hurts in so many ways.  You forgave him after he tried to kill you more than once.  You still trust him despite what your father whispered into your ear.  If you can trust Sam, why can’t he trust you?




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