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03 March 2007 @ 12:08 pm

Title: Tea
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/s: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Prompt: #087 Tea
Word Count: 98
Rating: Pg

He wasn’t normally a tea drinker but all the coffee he was drinking was slowly turning him into a junkie in constant need of a fix.  Jessica had been the one to turn him onto to tea and he had tried to share it with Dean.  Dean laughed at him and threatened him with physical harm if he so much as thought about taking his coffee away.  For Dean coffee was a relaxant.  He could barely function without it in the morning.

He saw tea as a calming thing.  It reminds him of the many good times with Jessica.


Title: Cheese
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/s: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Prompt: #088 Cheese
Word Count: 100
Rating: Pg

Dean has been out of the hospital for two weeks.  During those two weeks Sam has followed his every move and made sure that no junk food has passed his lips.  Those two weeks Dean has been snappy.    If it wasn’t for the fact that Dean had only just recovered from a serious accident it would be funny. 

Dean is going though some pretty bad withdrawals as he craves his junk food.

So after two weeks he buys Dean a cheeseburger loaded absolutley with everything.  The way in which Dean smiles at him is more than worth it.


Title: Spirit
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/s: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Prompt: #089 Spirit
Word Count: 88
Rating: Pg

When Dean dies he feels no pain and that surprises him.  He had thought that dying would involve mind numbing pain and a slow lingering death. 

He instead finds himself walking though the hospital corridors watching people around him ignore his presence.  From behind Sam he watches as the doctors try to bring him back to life.  A life that he does not want to go back to.  He doesn’t want to be in pain again, but it’s the thought of Sam that pulls him painfully back into his body. 


It is Sam that stops him from moving on

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