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02 March 2007 @ 03:50 pm

Title: Lies
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/s: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Prompt: #055 Lies

Word Count: 100
Rating: Pg

“The relationship we had before you left for college doesn’t exist anymore Sam.  We used each other for company and sexual needs.  It meant absolutely nothing.”  Dean said as he told Sam why carrying on with there relationship wouldn’t happen.

“It was a loving relationship.”  Sam said

“No it wasn’t. All it ever was to either of us was sex and comfort nothing more, nothing less” Dean said as he continued to lie about a relationship that had been a source of comfort for him.  Sam had left him all those years ago and he couldn’t risk his heart again.

Sam Winchester
#056 Clothes

Word Count:

He has an old AC/DC tour t-shirt that is from there stiff upper lip tour.

It is not even his t-shirt it belongs to his brother.
It was one of the few items of clothing he took with him when he left for college.  Dean doesn’t know that he has the t-shirt and he never will.  He wears the t-shirt as it calms him down whenever he is feeling stressed.  The t-shirt is his adult version of a security blanket.  When he wears the t-shirt he feels safe.

It almost feels like dean is there with him protecting him

Title: Desire
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/s: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Prompt: #057 Desire

Word Count: 100
Rating: Pg

He wanted to touch Dean so badly that his body was beginning to shake from the need.

He wanted to reach out and do al kind of naughty things to Dean.

He needed to feel Dean tremble beneath him as he pounded in and out of his body.

He wanted to lick a path down his brothers beautiful body until he reached his brothers dick.

He wants to hear Dean scream his name as they both have an orgasm unlike anything they have ever had before.  He wants to love Dean and never let Dean feel any unnecessary pain 

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