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02 March 2007 @ 03:44 pm

Title: Sickness
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/s: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Prompt: #053 Sickness

Word Count: 100
Rating: Pg

For the last twenty minutes, he has been in the doctor’s office trying to accept what he has been told.  He was a healthy 28-year-old man, how the fuck could this happen to him. he ate a lot of crap but that did not mean he had to die.  He hunted the supernatural and he had to be in that percentage that got some form of unbeatable cancer.  Had he been paying attention to what the doctor w as telling him he would know what type of cancer he had.

“I’m sorry but at best you have four months left.”

Title: Babble
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/s: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Prompt: #054 Babble

Word Count: 91
Rating: Pg

Two minutes ago, Sam had called him from Stanford to talk to him.  It was s surprise to get a phone call from Sam as the last time they spoke harsh words had been traded.  After a two minute silence he asked; “Sammy.”


“Fuck Dean I am sorry.  I had this girlfriend, well not exactly a girlfriend but someone well you know who was close to being one.  Shit, I slept with her and I’m sorry.  We are meant to be in a relationship and I fucked up bad please forgive me.”

Smiling slightly at Sam’s babble he said; “No.”

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