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25 February 2007 @ 02:01 pm

Fandom: The fast and the furious/ Supernatural
Dean Winchester/ Brian O’Connor
Theme set:

1. Ring
Throwing the ring at Dean Brian screams out; “Fuck you and the life you have – I don’t need that kind of trouble in my life.”

2. Hero
Dean picks up the ring from the floor and he wants to ask Brian when did his once admired life become trouble

3. Memory
The memory of the look on Dean’s face will stay with him; he had walked away from his lover something he promised never to do

4. Box
Dean takes the small box out of pocket and throws it in a nearby bin; he won’t be needing it anymore

5. Run
Brian knew that he was running away from his relationship with Dean, running away from a good thing was something of a habit for him

6. Hurricane
When Sam looks at his brother he knows that Brian is the cause of that pain - he makes immediate plans to hunt Brian down and hurt him.

7. Wings (in the wings)
Picking the lock of a motel room he is immediately thankful that picking locks was one of the skills he had never let get rusty

8. Cold (unfriendly)
Brian wakes up to find himself tied to a chair and an extremely pissed of Sam standing in front of him

9. Red
“Do you want to tell me why I shouldn’t decorate the motel room with your blood,” Sam asked

10. Drink
Suddenly finding himself in need of a drink or three to calm his nerves Brian replied “Dean would never forgive you.”

11. Midnight

Just after the clock strikes midnight Sam looks Brian in the eye and says in a voice void of any emotion “He would never find out.”

12. Temptation

Brian tells Sam in a steady voice that he left on impulse; it was just a heated argument that got out of hand

13. View

Sam takes his first good look at Brian and sees a person who like his brother has been hurt by too many people

14. Music
When brain tells him that he is coming back with him to see Dean and sort out his relationship with Dean – it is exactly what he wants to hear

15. Silk
Dean runs his hand across the small silk cushion in the motels reception and wonders if his decision to check out of the motel before Sam gets back is a wise one

16. Cover
In a run down bar he sits in the darkest corner of the bar attempting to drink enough alcohol to just forget about his shit hole of a life

17. Promise
Two hours after he stumbles into the back seat of the impala to sleep for a few hours and knows that his decision to leave the motel will not happen – well not until he is sober enough to drive.

18. Dream
He wakes up to find that his car is now being driven down some nameless road by Sam and Brian is in the backseat with him – he closes his eyes because despite knowing that the car is moving he can’t quite believe that it isn’t all a dream

19. Candle (held up to)
He wakes up again two hours later to find Brian staring at him, Brian smiles and simply says he couldn’t let himself believe that this relationship wouldn’t be the same as everything else

20. Talent
In the middle of an empty parking lot Dean looks at Brian and says “So is running a regular thing you do or am I just special.”

21. Silence
For a few minutes there is silence as neither Brian nor Sam can believe what Dean has just said

22. Journey
“Fuck how much of a distance did those screwed up thoughts make before they left your mouth,” Brian asked

23. Fire
With his hand gripping his shotgun with more force than is necessary Dean finds himself wanting to hurt Brian, instead he turns and walks away.

24. Strength
Sam knows that it took a lot for his brother to walk away from Brian instead of just reacting.

25. Mask
Screaming at Deans retreating back Brian says; “I left because you are always hiding you can never just relax with me.”

26. Ice
With a tone of voice that sends shivers of ice down there spines Dean replies; “That would require trust on my part and how can I trust you when you leave at the slightest hurdle in our relationship.”

27. Fall
“Shit I’m not going to fall for this we are both at fault Dean,” Brian said as he attempted to explain why the state of there relationship wasn’t just his fault

28. Forgotten
“Have you forgotten that you promised to never leave me?”

29. Dance (dance attendance on)
“It was a demand you made one that I had no choice but to agree to.”

30. Body
Sam can feel the tension in the air throughout his entire body.

31. Sacred (an idea)
“No choice,” Dean mumbled “it was a request, something I thought for one moment you just might agree to – I guess I was wrong.”

32. Farewells
Brian has had enough of dealing with Dean and his insecurities so for the second time in two days e walks away

33. World
“Fuck you Brian - the world won’t stop spinning because you were not given the balls to finish the discussion.”

34. Formal (accordance with rules)
An insult like that should not go unpunished so Brian punches Dean in the face

35. Fever
None of his previous lovers have ever hit him out of anger and when Brian does he quickly finds the agitation to be barley manageable

36. Laugh
To defuse the on-coming fight Sam laughs

37. Lies
With a barely contained anger Dean says “It wasn’t about love – it never was - you’re just refused to let the past go.”

38. Forever
Sighing Brian looks his lover in the eye and replied “Dom promised me forever and he lied.”

39. Overwhelmed
Feeling a rush of protectiveness towards Brian Deans asks “Do you want me hunt him down.”

40. Whisper
Brian steps close to Dean so they are only inches apart and whispers “No, but we could always do something else.”

41. Wait
It takes just ten minutes for Brian and Dean to go to a motel room, but all they do is talk anything else can wait

42. Talk
Sam would never believe it to be possible but for the next few days all Brian and Dean do is talk

43. Search
After a lot of soul searching the decision is made to continue there relationship.

44. Hope
Sam had always held out the hope that his brother would find someone to love, when Brian came back to Dean that hope was given life

45. Eclipse
Sam watches the total eclipse of the sun and ignores the sounds coming from his brothers motel room

46. Gravity
With a smile Brian pulls Dean onto the bed with him

47. Highway
Sam has been elected to drive while Dean and Brian sleep of the night before in the back seat of the car

48. Unknown
Dean knows that his relationship with Brian is an unknown factor on his life, but he likes that

49. Lock (of hair)
As they lay in bed together Brian finds himself running his hand though his sleeping lovers hair

50. Breathe
Brian watches his lover’s calm gentle breath in sleep and thinks himself lucky that still loves him even after everything he has done.

A one sentence challenge with Brian o'connor and Dean winchester as a pairing

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