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21 February 2007 @ 03:22 pm

Fandom: CSI: Miami
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Dominic Toretto
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: PG-13

1. Comfort
Dom has been running for so long that he doesn’t trust anyone to easily – when he meets Dean in a rundown Mexican bar he instinctively knows that he has found someone who is in the same situation as him – the perverse of him takes comfort in that.

2. Kiss
He is drunk of his ass when he kisses Dean and that is what he keeps telling himself when he wakes up ten hours later in bed with a very naked Dean.

3. Soft
As Dean sleeps Dom takes the opportunity to take in his first sober view of his new lover.

4.  Pain
Dean wakes up an hour after Dom and immediately wants a gun to shoot himself, when the wish of instant relief from the hangover has passed he realises he is naked and in a strangers bed.

5. Potatoes
Dean stumbles out of bed and after pulling on his clothes he goes into the kitchen – once in the kitchen, he is faced with a group of strangers eating fries and he is barely able to stop himself from being sick. 

6. Rain
With a smirk Vince looks at Dean and realises that this is the man that Dom spent the night getting friendly with – he is about to make some smart ass comment when Dean looks at him and it makes him shiver – without uttering a single word he watches as Dean walks past him and out into the rain.

7. Chocolate

Mia walked out into the rain and gave Dean a hot chocolate – no words are exchanged, none are needed.

8. Happiness
He knows that to be surrounded by strangers and separated from his family should not make him happy, but it does

 9. Telephone
He walks back into the house and his cell phone starts to ring -  he looks at the caller id sees that it is his dad calling and switches of the phone.

10. Ears
When Vince asks him what he is doing in Mexico Dean smiles and tells him he is on a hunt

11. Name
Just three hours later Dom asks him who called and he tells Dom the truth, something he rarely does with people he barely knows

12. Sensual
After a hard night at the races team Toretto comes home to find Dean working on his car, Mia licks his lips wanting to see more of Deans body and Dom just wants to take him

13. Death
”Do you want to tell me your dead an a killer of four people.”  Mia asked

14. Sex
He gets so angry with Dom that he lashes out without thinking - that anger quickly turns into uncontrollable lust and he finds himself giving Dom control as they work out there anger.

15. Touch
Once the sex is over with Dean cannot help but feel dirty, no one has ever touched him with such love and wanted something more than he was willing to give.

16. Weakness
He sat on the hood of his impala and tries to tell himself that he wasn’t falling in love with Dom he couldn’t allow himself to be so weak emotionally

17. Tears
”I can’t love him and I can’t stay with here, everyone I love dies,” Dean said as he tells Mia why staying with Dom wasn’t an option.

18. Speed
The speed at which Mia tells Dom what Dean told her is astonishing.

19. Wind
Dom tries to tell Dean that he loves him and nothing will separate them, but Dean refuses to listen, Dean tells him that all kindness comes with strings attached.

20.  Freedom
His hunting again and instead of being free he is trapped.

21. Life
When Sam is careless on a hunt and is very nearly killed, Dean leaves the hunt and disappears.

22. Jealousy
Vince knows its stupid but he can’t help be jealous with the way Dom talks about Dean.

23. Hands
With shaking hands Dean attempts to phone his lover, but the phone falls from his grasp and he falls to the floor unable to remain standing.

24. Taste
He can taste his own blood in his mouth and he knows that is not a good thing.

25. Devotion
Sam finally tracks down Dominic Toretto and tells him that Dean is missing; help is immediately offered to go and find Dean

26. Forever
Dean sits on the hood of his impala and he can only think that he has given up his future for the hunt

27. Blood
Sam is the first to find Deans impala in the parking lot of a motel just twenty miles from the Toretto garage

28. Sickness
Dean has lost so much that he is a coma and the doctors tell Dom that Dean may never wake up

29. Melody
He will never admit it to anyone other than Mia, but he is now sneaking in Metallica music in the hope that it will help Dean to wake up.

30. Star
When Dean wakes up the room is bathed in near darkness and it’s only the light from nights few stars that prevent him from feeling trapped.

31. Home
Dom comes to pick Dean up from the hospital only to be told that Dean discharged himself two days ago

32. Confusion
Dean calls Dom to tell him that he can’t settle down and the life he leads is more important than any happiness he craves

33. Fear
In the early hours of the morning Dean calls Mia and tells her all about his life and what it has done to him – he knows that Mia will tell Dom about the phone call

34. Lightening/Thunder
On a stormy night Dean takes the impala and drives away from Sam - he has no direction - he just needs to get away from everything.

35. Bonds
Sam wakes up to find that he is handcuffed to a bed – there is only a short note to tell him that Dean has left

36. Market
Dean bumps into Mia in a Mexican market and instead of running he drives her back home

37. Technology
As they come to a stop outside the Toretto house Dean quickly writes down his cell phone number on a piece of a paper and tells Mia to call him

38. Gift
Mia immediately gives Dom the cell phone number and tells him that a surprise is waiting for him; all he has to do is call the number to get his gift

39. Smile
When Dom calls the number he isn’t expecting much, but when Dean answers he can’t help but smile

40. Innocence
Dom asks Dean why he left, why he couldn’t stay, why did he have to run – Dean tells Dom that there are some areas of life that you should always remain innocent of

41. Completion
Dom doesn’t want to do the chick thing and demand to know what the fuck Dean is on about but he can’t help but ask – he has a right to know why Dean keeps running from him – why Dean finds it so hard to commit

42. Clouds
Looking at the cloudless sky Dean tries to find the words that will answer the questions Dom has, but he can’t he can’t tell Dom anything

43. Sky
Two days later Dom gets a phone call from Sam informing him that Dean is dead – when he receives the news it is a bright summer’s day 

44. Heaven
Dom demands to know what has happened but all Sam will tell him is that the angels have taken Dean home

45. Hell
Dom searches for solid proof that his lover is dead - the only proof that he finds is that Dean Winchester died a year ago – it is in the single moment that he knows Sam lied to him 

46. Sun
The sun shines though the trees illuminating the figure of Dominic Toretto as he places a rose on the grave he knows does not contain his lover

47. Moon
It is eight hours later when Dom comes back to the cemetery - hidden by the trees he watches as his supposedly dead lover argues with Sam

48. Waves
He steps out from his hiding place and in a calm voice that surprises even him he demands to know what the fuck is going on

49. Hair
Dean looks at Dom and tells him in a tone that makes the hairs of his neck stand up that the life he leads is way above any kind of danger he can ever hope to comprehend

50. Supernova
Dom refuses to believe what Dean has told him and follows Dean on a hunt – what he witnesses shatters the view he has of the world.


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