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30 October 2006 @ 01:25 pm

Author: claudia_lexan
Fandom: Real Person
Character: Jc Chasez and Justin Timberlake
Rating: PG -13
Theme set: Alpha

Disclaimer: His real, so belongs to no one but himself


1. Comfort

When Justin ends, there two-year relationship for the sake of his career the only comfort he can find is that Justin is as miserable as he is.


2. Kiss

They meet up a week after the end of there relationship and when Justin goes to give Joshua a kiss, Joshua turns and walks away


3. Soft

Joshua enjoys the soft touches Justin makes with his fingers when they make love, but he does not have that enjoyment anymore


4. Pain

When the first photos of Justin and Cameron together he tries to be happy but the pain in his heart tells another story


5. Potatoes

Joshua finds himself in an out of the way diner eating fries and discussing the state of his love life with a waitress


6. Rain

In the middle of a raging storm, Joshua finds himself standing outside Justin’s house, but he does not knock on the door or even use his key, his just not ready to talk to Justin.


7. Chocolate

When the first gift basket of expensive chocolates arrive at his house Joshua sends them back when the gift baskets keep coming he finally accepts one and as he reads the note attached to one of the baskets for the first time in a long time he smiles


8. Happiness

Joshua finally started to believe that he could be happy with Justin again, but that happiness was snatched from him when more photos of Cameron with Justin appear


9. Telephone

“I don’t want to hear the excuses Justin just stop calling me.”


10. Ears

Lynn calls him ten minutes after Justin has and asks why he does not want to speak to her son, Joshua tells her why and then hangs up wanting nothing more to do with the Timberlake family

11. Name

When Justin calls his name at an after show awards party he finds himself responding when what he really wants to do is walk away


12. Sensual

Justin watched as Joshua’s lips move as he speaks and finds himself wanting to kiss those lips


13. Death

Justin knew that his relationship with Cameron was dead when his thoughts were all about Jc and what they used to do in bed together


14. Sex

Justin finds himself using all kind of excuses not to have sex with Cameron when Cameron finally asks him why there sex life is non-existent he tells her there relationship is over


15. Touch

“It’s always been Joshua, you love him and not me,” Cameron said as she slapped her now ex-boyfriend with such force that it was going to leave a bruise.


16. Weakness

Justin looks at Cameron and tells her that Joshua is the only person he can ever love, but he has always found it hard to accept that his soul mate was in the shape of his best friend.


17. Tears

Two days after his relationship with Cameron has ended Justin goes on national television and tells a stunned reporter he is gay he does not look at the audience but he can hear the crying of both men and women


18. Speed

For the next two days the press went into frenzy about his announcement the press speculate about who it was that had turned him gay and it was downright terrifying with how fats they found out it was Jc


19. Wind

“He doesn’t love you his announcement is just his fucked up way of selling more records,” Cameron sneered and it takes his breathe away that Cameron can be such a bitch


20. Freedom

For the first time in years Justin has no one to tell him that it is wrong to look at Jc that way


21. Life

Jc knows that his life will never be the same again when instead of journalists asking about his music the journalists ask him about his relationship with Justin


22. Jealously

Jc tries not to be jealous that Justin’s career continues to soar while his has gone into freefall because he is seen as the one who ended the relationship of a golden couple


23. Hands

When Justin pushes him out of the way as he makes his way to the stage Joshua finds himself wishing that those hands had been used in a gentle caress and not as a way of dismissing him


24. Taste

When Justin dismissed him Jc went straight to the nearest bar and preceded to drink whiskey as if it was nothing more than water he doesn't enjoy the taste but he needed to forget the last few days


25. Devotion

He doesn’t know how it happened but he wakes up to find himself in bed with Justin and having no idea how he got there, but as he closes his closes his eyes to sleep again he hears Justin say, “I love you.”


26. Forever

Justin wants to stay in bed with Joshua forever but there was a conversation he needed to have with Justin so forever was going to wait


27. Blood

When Joshua tells him what Cameron said it asks his blood boil Joshua has and always will be the only person he ever loves


28. Sickness

When Justin asks him to come on a promotional tour with him he feigns illness he knows that everyone will be looking at with barely disguised disgust


29. Melody

Jc can’t bring himself to make any more music he can’t think of anything that isn’t full of misery


30. Star

When Jc went to a premiere with Justin he was pushed aside and ignored, it pissed him of that Justin didn’t seem to notice how everyone was treating him


31. Home

“I’m going home you can stay here, from the way things are going its obvious I’m not wanted,” Joshua said


32. Confusion

He believed that his relationship with Justin just might work but that belief was taken from him when he saw new photos of Justin and Cameron appear in all of the magazines


33. Fear

“You are terrified that those photos of Cameron and Justin together are real, you don’t want to believe that Justin never loved you,” Britney suggested


34. Lightening/Thunder

Jc stood in his backyard barely noticing the rain as it hit his  bare skin when the lightening raced across the sky he found himself wishing he could be that fast and free


35. Bond

Two days after the conversation with Britney he wake up and finds himself handcuffed to bed he looks up and finds Justin smiling at him and holding the key


36. Market

When he asks Justin were he got those handcuffs from all Justin can say is that he went to a black market, he knows that means Justin borrowed them from Joey


37. Technology

“You could have just called,” Jc said “Would you have answered,” Justin replied


38. Gift

“I love you Josh, I’m sorry for pushing you aside, please give me another chance,” Justin pleaded and when Joshua did he considered it to be a gift he would always cherish


39. Smile

When Joshua smiled Justin didn’t regret using those handcuffs


40. Innocence

When he finds out that everyone has been blaming Joshua for the end of his relationship with Cameron he is angry, Joshua has always been blameless


41. Completion

When they consummate there relationship for the first time in a long time Justin feels complete


42. Clouds

It was so hot that sky was cloudless, but Justin wasn’t paying attention to the sky but he is paying attention to Jc who is swimming in the pool naked and it is a sight that he finds far more interesting


43. Sky

The media have taken to circling there house in helicopters, they have to take out a restraining order and tell people that they just want to be left alone


44. Heaven

When Joshua licks a path down his  chest Justin is in such a state of bliss that not even the arrival of is mom in the bedroom could bring him back down


45. Hell

When Cameron gives an interview to People Magazine saying that Justin’s was unfaithful throughout there relationship the phase a women scorned has never been so true


46. Sun

The light is slowly coming back into there life’s when people begin to realize that the interview Cameron gave was nothing more than vindictive lies


47. Moon

It is a full moon and when Justin loudly declares in a packed nightclub that he is getting it on with his lover, Jc smiles and quickly drags Justin out of the nightclub promising all kinds of retribution


48. Waves

Justin wakes up the next morning and barley manages to make it to the toilet before the waves of nausea become a reality


49. Hair

Jc sits on the edge of the bed and gently brushes Joshua’s hair out of his face

50. Supernova

When Jc begins to rub soothing circles on his back Justin feels such an intense rush of love for Jc that he wants to know why he didn’t’ tell anyone he was gay from the very beginning




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Fabrice Fabrice: Tecna enchantixpikapika217 on October 30th, 2006 02:33 pm (UTC)
aww! sweet. I love that Cameron gets to be bitter, and Briteny gets to make a quick, cute appearance ^^
claudia_lexanclaudia_lexan on November 1st, 2006 04:37 pm (UTC)
justin and jc make such a cute couple in the world of fiction. Cameron, well being bitter is a change from sweet and nice