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17 October 2006 @ 02:25 pm
Fandom: CSI:Miami
Pairing: Ryan Wolfe/Timothy Speedle
Theme set: Delta
Rating: pg-13
Summary: 50 different plot ideas

1. Air
As he took his last breath of fresh air as a free man, Ryan refused to be sad killing Timothy Speedle had been for the best.

2. Apple
With a smile, he gave Alexx an apple knowing that she would understand his odd sense of humour

3. Beginning
When Ryan first joined the team Speed viewed him as his replacement in the field, but in the end, Ryan had proved to be a new start in his life.

4. Bugs
The one thing Speed hates about the heat is the bugs.

5. Dark

There are parts of his past Ryan does not share with his lover like his fear of the dark a fear that came from being locked in cupboards by his uncle as a child.

6. Coffee

Ryan has a not so secret coffee addiction it is well known to everyone in the lab that Ryan’s coffee stash was of limits to everyone but Speed

7. Despair

Speed always despaired that Ryan would never allow himself to love

8. Doors
As Ryan slams, the door close on him Speed knows that he has the answer to whether there marriage is over or not

9. Drink

Speed asked him why he never touched a drop of alcohol Ryan just smile ate his lover and told him that any type of alcohol in the Wolfe family was never a good thing

10. Duty
When Speed asked a victim of abuse why he stayed with the abuser the only reply he received was duty – speed could not understand that but Ryan could

11. Earth
“If you were the last person on earth I could never love you,” Ryan said.

12. End

When he hears the news that Timothy Speedle is dead, he is heart broken the man he loved so much was dead his life ended with a bullet

13. Fall
Ryan goes to take the last step of the top of the multi-storey car park, but his lover pulling him back from the edge prevents him from doing so

14. Fire
Only speed knows that a house fire killed his family when he was 14, a fire that he escaped as he was staying at friends

15. Flexible

It is when they are stuck in a traffic jam that Speed shows his lover just how flexible he can be

16. Flying
The only thing that stopped Speed from demanding to be let of the plane mid flight was Ryan is comforting presence and the constant whispers of all the things they would do when they got home

17. Food
Ryan spent the better part of two hours making a romantic meal for his fifth anniversary of marriage to speed, when speed finally made it home four hours later the food had long since grown cold and Ryan was in bed

18. Foot
As soon as he set foot in the house he shared with his lover speed knew that he had fucked up again by not calling Ry to let him know he would be home late, he silently wondered if the flowers he had bought would be a good enough apology

19. Grave

He looks at the gravestone that bares the name of his lover and cries for the short time they had together

20. Green
When he spends to much time talking to an ex-boyfriend he doesn’t miss Speedle look of jealously

21. Head
He needs to tell Speed all about the childhood he had, but every time he tries the words do not come out of his mouth and he realizes that, it is better to keep his secrets buried

22. Hollow
When Speed finally tells him that Ryan that he loves him, all Ryan can feel is hollow inside because he knows that Speed does not really mean it

23. Honour

When Speed finds out that Ryan has an honourable discharge from the marines, he asks his lover why he was honourable discharged from the marines all he gets in reply is silence

24. Hope

Any hope he had for a relationship with Speed was crushed when he married Calleigh.

25. Light

Speed dies for a few minutes on the operating table, but there is no white light to greet him just an endless black void

26. Lost
When Eric tells him that he can never hope to succeed in his relationship with speed or his burgeoning career as a csi Ryan wants to tell Eric that he is wrong but he cannot

27. Metal

He sets of the metal detector at work when he forgets to take of the gold cross chain speed gave him as an anniversary gift

28. New
It is a new day at work, a new day as a happily married man there is still a part of him that wants to know when the new is going to become old and broken

29. Old

Just two years into his marriage with Speed and they are heading towards a messy divorce Ryan knows that the once new nice feeling he had at the beginning of his marriage to speed had gone and been replace with an old worn out feeling of bitter disappointment

30. Peace
As Ryan is sleeping of the affects of the drugs the doctors gave him Speed knows it’s only a small reprieve before the nightmares of being shot with a ail gun begin

31. Poison
Speed knows that the longer he stays with Ryan the harder it will be to leave Ryan is slowly becoming a poison that is invading every part of his life

32. Pretty

The small broach was not pretty in any kind of a conventional way, but it was the only thing he had left to remind him of his mom

33. Rain

It has been raining for four days without a single break and the bad weather is beginning to affect Ryan’s usually cheerful mood.

34. Regret

He wants to tell Speed that he feels no regret for there one nightstand, but he keeps quite speed does not remember the night they spent together.

35. Roses

When Ryan gives him a rose speed smiles

36. Secret

Its after Ryan has drunk an entire bottle of vodka that he tells Speed just what his family is like by the time he has finished talking the second bottle of gone and so are all of his secrets.

37. Snakes
Unlike most people, speed does not have a fear of snakes as a child he had a pet snake called Bert

38. Snow
For the first time in ten years, it snows in Miami and instead of admiring the sight of a snow-covered Miami; they spend the day in bed together.

39. Solid
He holds onto Speeds hand, as the ambulance takes him to the hospital despite the nail sticking out of his eye socket he feels more relaxed with speed by his side.

40. Spring
Ryan had never really believed that his spring fling would turn into the real thing

41. Stable

Speed and Ryan have the same sort of family background as each other, but neither of them talks about it

42. Strange
He had seen Ryan naked before, now that Ryan was lying asleep next to him in bed he found himself noticing a small set of numbers of Ryan’s left hip, the numbers look out of place as if they have no real right to be there

43. Summer

It has been a long hot summer something which Speed usually hates but the heat means Ryan walks around there house in just his boxers

Its still illegal for men to marry in America, but on a vacation to England Ryan and Speed have a short civil partnership ceremony, it means legally they have the same rights as any other married couple; they just don’t have a marriage certificate

45. Ugly
When he looks in the bathroom mirror Ryan does not know how his lover can find him attractive all he can see is a person of no attractive qualities, he feels ugly inside and out

46. War
War is an ugly thing he has seen war he has fought in several wars but since his military record was classified and only a few people have a high enough clearance to read it, he would never tell Speed or anyone else why he could be so emotionless

47. Water

As he stands under the shower, he pays little attention to the blood running down the plughole, Speed just needed to get the blood of his now dead lover of him

48. Welcome

Ryan had believed that they would accept as a new csi but he was wrong, just a year into the job he was leaving

49. Winter

There is not really a winter in Miami but that does not stop Speed or Ryan form building a snowman made out of Sand

50. Wood

It bothered Speed more than he cared to admit but spending what should have been his day of, trudging though the woods looking for glue on the identity of a murder victim with Ryan by his side was actually something he enjoyed.

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