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02 October 2006 @ 11:49 am
Title: Queue
Word Count:
Ryan Wolfe and Timothy Speedle
  I did do a longer version of this that included the whole sex in a car, but it meant this ficlet would have been 1,500 words long and not a 100.


“We should never have taken the shortcut,” Tim grumbled as he stared at the long queue of traffic in front of them.  From what he was able to see the queue of traffic went on for miles.  That meant that there was a crash further up the road.  It also meant they had a very long wait ahead of them.

“We could always find something to occupy ourselves with,” Ryan suggested

“I’m not about to play I-spy,” Tim said

“Do you want to try out some of those karma sutra moves in a car,” Ryan asked with a wicked smile.

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