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01 October 2006 @ 04:44 pm
Title: Sauce
Prompt: 093 Sauce
Word Count: 100
Characters: Ryan Wolfe, Timothy speedle and Eric Delko
Disclaimers: They are not my characters. They belong to the shows creators Anthony E. Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn and Ann Donahue

“Close our eyes.” Ryan ordered

Speed closed his eyes and licked his lips in anticipation of what his lover was about to do with the bottle of chocolate sauce. When Ryan took charge, during there love making it would always leave him wanting more.

When he felt the sauce being squirted onto his skin he moaned fully aware of what would be doing next. He both shivered and moaned when Ryan began to lick the sauce from his skin. As Ryan moved slowly down his body he barely able to stop begging for more.
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