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19 September 2006 @ 11:42 am
Title: Too Much
Fandom: Real person, Dark angel
Characters: Jc Chasez, Dark Angel, Justin Timberlake
Prompt: 033 Too much
Word Count: 226
Summary: In the space of a week he helps to save the world
Disclaimer: Not my characters

He is not going to ask Jc why he has a needle phobia.  His not entirely sure that he wants to know the answer.  The rational part of him knows that the kind of fear Jc has about needles only comes from a bad experience.  It is not until he has had several bottles of beer that he asks Jc why he has a needle phobia.


In the beginning, Jc will not tell him what he wants to know, but he has had several beers.  Usually he would usually give up but he continues to pester Jc in his need to get his question answered.  He does not stop pestering Jc until he finally tells him why he hates needles so much.  Being drunk, he does not understand the importance of the moment when Jc shows him the barcode tattoo on the back of his neck, so all he can do is laugh

Jc finally had the balls to get a tattoo.  Big deal it is about time he got some ink on his skin.  He does think that a tattoo on the back of your neck is bordering on the extreme when it comes to someone like Jc.  He would have thought that Jc would have gone for a tattoo in a more concealed part of his body.  It is not even a tattoo with originality.  Ever since that Dark Angel show came out the barcode tattoo has been all the rage amongst those with a distinct lack of sanity or more money than brains

It is only when Jc tells him about his real childhood and what the tattoo means does he finally stop laughing.  He instead finds himself looking at Jc in a new light. 

Then what Jc has just told him finally sinks.  Jc had no childhood for ten years.  The only memories Jc has of his childhood are filled with one painful event after another.  He wants to know how his friend can even be sane after having a childhood like that.  He has too many questions.  Most of which seem to revolve around the question of holy shit that television show about some genetically enhanced chick is real.  He does not for one minute believe Jc is lying to him. 

Jc still gives him proof of what he is when he demonstrates some of the skills he has obviously extremely skilled at hiding.  After the demonstration, he can utter no words.  For the first time in his life, he is stunned into silence.

The he realizes that Jc could pick up Joey and carry him on his back for most of the day without breaking a sweat.  He is sitting next to a human superman.  Instead of freaking out all he could say was to Jc how fucking cool.

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