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17 September 2006 @ 05:18 pm
Fandom: CSI:Miami
Ryan Wolfe/Horatio Caine

Theme set:


1 - Motion

Horatio is forever moving from one case to the next and the only time he ever seems to stop is when Ryan is by his side


2 - Cold

With a shaking hand Horatio reached out to touch the cooling skin of his lover just maybe if he closes his eyes he could pretend that it wasn’t Ryan laying on the morgue table


3 - Young

The age gap between them was never an issue


4 - Last

“You never stopped loving him, I was always going to be second best,” Ryan calmly said as he told Horatio just why he felt like the last runner in a race


5 - Wrong

It was wrong to believe that his relationship with Horatio would last when so many other relationships had left him broken and unloved, what would make Horatio any different


6 - Gentle

Horatio is gentle with Ryan as they make love for the first time


7 – One

In the end it takes just one minute to tell Horatio there relationship is over


8 - Thousand

One day when they are both old and grey Ryan will tell him about the time he took a thousand dollars from his mom to leave home at the age of 14


9 - King

The more resentful among the CSI in Miami will tell you that Horatio is the king of all he surveys and his work colleagues are just his mindless followers


10 – Learn

Ryan remembers the moves that will drive his lover into frenzy


11 – Blur

The car was driving at such a high speed that no one had the time to warn Horatio or Ryan the car was heading straight for them


12 - Wait

Horatio sits by Ryan’s hospital bedside waiting for him to wake up


13 - Change

When Horatio tells his friends about his relationship with Ryan there change in attitude to Ryan is instant, but for Ryan it is too little to late


14 - Command

“Stay there,” Horatio ordered he didn’t want Ryan to move from the bed, he had plans that involved cream, strawberries and honey


15 - Hold

Ryan held onto Horatio's hand as the nail was gently pulled out


16 - Need

He wants Horatio to tell him that it’s not wrong to be so needy


17 - Vision

“I’m sorry, but there is nothing more we can do for your eye,” the doctor said, with those words his job as a CSI was over


18 - Attention

Horatio watches Ryan as Steler talks to him and he notices the way Ryan flinches every time Steler takes a step closer to him, it worries Horatio, but until Ryan talks to him there isn’t a lot he can do


19 - Soul

Ryan knows they are soul mates, but he doesn’t tell Horatio that


20 – Picture

In his wallet Horatio keeps a picture of him and Ryan on there first real date


21 - Fool

“You are a fucking fool for ever thinking he wants you,” Eric sneered as he destroyed what little hope Ryan had left in his life


22 - Mad

When Horatio found out what Eric had told Ryan it took Alexx several hours to stop him from doing something stupid


23 - Child

On the rare time that he has alone Ryan goes to the gates hill cemetery to lay some flowers on the grave of his son, a son that had lived for just three months


24 - Now

“Tell me Mr Danes,” Horatio said as he casually leaned forward in his chair “how is it possible for you claim not to know Ryan when you were at his funeral,”


25 - Shadow

It’s a dark shadow on his soul, but he knew that if he ever told Horatio what left that shadow on his soul there wouldn’t be a lawyer in the land that could help him


26 - Goodbye

Placing his finger in Horatio’s lips, he whispers goodbye to his sleeping lover


27 - Hide

When the doctor tells him he is now blind in one eye all Ryan wants to do is hide from the world


28 - Fortune

Criminals viewed money as a fortune to aspire to, but Horatio knew that the only fortune to be had in life was the love of a soul mate


29 - Safe

The only place he felt safe was in Horatio’s arms


30 - Ghost

They had been together for four years, but Ryan knew that Speed would always cast a shadow over there relationship


31 - Book

Alexx asked Horatio what the book on his desk was for; Horatio smiled and told Alexx it was for pleasure


32 - Eye

In the blink of an eye a bullet took the life of Horatio


33 - Never

“So what is it like,” Eric asked, Ryan looked at Eric and told him that the subject of his love life with H was something he would never discuss


34 - Sing

After a hard day at work they all went to a local karaoke bar and after a few drinks they were all singing abba songs


35 - Sudden

The outing of there relationship is a sudden event when they are caught in the locker room acting like a couple of horny, over sexed teenagers


36 - Stop

“It has to end Eric, we can’t do this to Ryan,” Horatio said but he had put an end to his relationship with Eric far too late, Ryan was watching them with an expression that could only be described as pissed


37 - Time

The time had come to tell Alexx that he was dating her baby


38 - Wash

“H”, Ryan called out though the shower curtains “do you want to join me.”


39 - Torn

The sight of Ryan laying torn and bleeding on the road broke his heart


40 - History

“Its juts not working we are not working,” Ryan said as he bought an end to a relationship that should never have been


41 - Power

He would never admit it to anyone but Ryan holds a power over him like no one has ever done before


42 - Bother

“It bothers me that I have to hide what I feel for him,” Horatio told Alexx when she asked him why he had yet to tell anyone that her was dating her son


43 - God

Horatio never had been a believer of anything religious, he needed proof that god existed and that was never going to happen with the world he lives in


44 - Wall

He built a wall around his heart to prevent anyone hurting him, but Ryan was able to get though that wall


45 – Naked

The naked form of his lover in bed was a sight to behold, but Horatio wasn’t going to wake his lover, no he was going to enjoy the small pleasure of watching his lover sleep


46 - Drive

The drive to Horatio’s funeral was made in silence


47 - Harm

When Horatio is hurt saving a child from being hit by a car Ryan spends the next two weeks placing gentle kisses on each wound


48 - Precious

There are very few things in his life that Horatio holds dear to his heart, but Ryan is one of them


49 - Hunger

With Ryan spooned up against him in bed Horatio lets out a small smile, the last few hours had been an experience he wanted to repeat, despite the growling in his stomach Horatio continues to hold Ryan happier to ignore his hunger and just stay where he is


50 - Believe

Happiness is an illusion that only the foolish believe in that is what Horatio used to tell himself, and then he met Ryan






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Fabrice Fabrice: Tommyspikapika217 on November 30th, 2007 10:07 pm (UTC)
lovely! do you mind if I use #20?
claudia_lexanclaudia_lexan on December 1st, 2007 11:54 am (UTC)
sure go ahead, just credit me if you wouldn't mind