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17 September 2006 @ 05:11 pm
Fandom: CSI:Miami/ Supernatural
Dean Winchester/ Timothy Speedle
Theme set:


1 - Ring

Dean was a man who showed his emotions rarely, but when Tim gave him a ring as a symbol of there love he wore it with pride


2 - Hero

Speed lay in bed next to his sleeping lover and he knew that if it came down to it, he would not be able to fight the supernatural; unlike his lover, he was not that selfless.


3 - Memory

When Speed died dean went to the funeral and sat in the back of the church, all he to remember Speed was a ring, but then that ring held memories of the only good thing to happen in his life


4 - Box

He had dug up so many coffins in his life but none of them affected quite as much as the night he dug up the coffin of his lover


5 – Run

He survived being shot and when Alexx's mothering became too much he ran into the arms of his lover


6 – Hurricane

The fierce winds tore there way across Florida, but Speed paid no real interest into what was happening in Florida as he was thousands of miles away vacationing with his lover.


7- Wings

When the last hunt actually proved to be the last hunt that killed him Dean fought long and hard to remain by his lovers side, he knew that his family would be okay but Speed would not, so up until the day a bullet took the life of his Speeds life he remained by his side


8 - Cold

The body that lay on the morgue table wasn’t Dean it couldn’t be he had only left his lover in bed two hours ago


9 - Red

When Horatio Caine promised to kill him slowly and painfully if he ever hurt Speed Dean knew that he had been accepted


10 - Drink

Just a few more beers and the memory of watching Dean take his last breath would be gone


11 - Midnight

The chime of midnight signalled a new year and another year without Dean by his side


12 - Temptation

When Speed met him in bar and bought his friends with him Dean barely managed to resist the urge to drag Speed into a dark corner of the bar to get reacquainted


13 - View

The sight of Dean coming out of the bathroom with just a small towel covering him was enough to make Speeds mouth water


14 - Music

Dean had never really thought much of country music, but for Speed, he was willing to listen to such mindless repetitive drivel


15 - Silk

The silk sheets were the only thing he could bear to touch his pain-filled body


16 - Lover

When Speed introduced Dean as his boyfriend to her, Alexx had seen right though his cover of a cocky smart ass and knew that he was just a boy in need of a mothers love, she was more than willing to fulfil that need


17 - Promise

Dean had made a promise to never leave Speed, but that promise was broken when the truck ran his impala of the road


18 - Dream

He used to have dreams of having a normal life, but that was only achieved in some small part when he met his lover


19 - Candle

Speed lit the small candle in the church and said a small pray of remembrance for his lover


20 - Talent

When Speed moaned and begged him to move Dean smiled despite what Sam was always telling him learning how to turn a lover into a quivering mass was a talent to be proud of


21 - Silence

Speed sat by the hospital bedside of his lover and silently dared Sam or John Winchester to ask him what he was doing there and how well did he know Dean

22 - Journey

Dean hated to fly, but when his lover was badly injured by some nut with a gun he was on the next flight of Canada, so he was at his lover’s side as soon as possible


23 - Fire

Fire took his mom from him, fire set him on the path of being a hunter, fire nearly took the life of his lover, fire tended to destroy everything he held dear


24 - Strength

Speed had enough strength to see them though the hard times and he would be there for dean when the hunt came to its eventual end


25 - Mask

Horatio watched as Dean laughed and joked with Alexx, he knew that he was not seeing the real Dean that he got the impression that only Speed knew the real Dean


26 - Ice

When Rick Steler threatened his Speed with charges, everyone shivered when Dean coldly explained what would happen if Steler hurt Speed


27 - Fall

Now he knew what happened when Dean went on his hunts he was waiting for the other shoe to drop


28 - Forgotten

Dean stood at Speeds grave and said goodbye to the man he had loved a man that was the only person to know the real him


29 - Dance

The only dancing that Speed ever did involved Dean and a bed


30 - Body

The first time Dean had fallen asleep and not woken up just minutes later Speed took the time to look at the scars which littered his lovers body, each scar had a story behind it and he wanted to hear all of those stories


31 - Scared

The small cross that Dean had given him was for protection against various supernatural creatures, but Speed also knew it was a gesture of love from a man, who at times found it hard to express his love


32 - Farewells

“I’m so sorry Speed, I’m so damn sorry,” Dean muttered as took his last breath, it was only days later that Sam would find out who Speed was and why his brothers last words had been for him.


33 - World

There was not a thing in the world that could separate them


34 - Formal

The first time Speed saw Dean dressed in a tuxedo he thanked all known gods for granting his fondest wishes


35 - Fever

Speed was not a person who liked to be looked after when he was ill, but when Dean was the one looking after him, he did not mind so much


36 - Laugh

When Dean told him about the prank war, he had started with Sam he smiled grateful that Dean was at last allowing himself a small bit of freedom


37 - Lies

“I hunt the supernatural,” Dean told him and he believed it all to be a lie until Dean took him on a hunt


38 - Forever

He was dead and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do to change that, but after begging people more powerful than him he returned to earth to guard Dean, to stop him from doing something stupid, it was a shame that Dean had no idea he was there


39 - Overwhelmed

He took the responsibility of looking after his family and when it became too much he turned to his lover for comfort


40 - Whisper

It was a small voice in the back of his mind that caused him to turn the car around and drive back to Miami


41 - Wait

He waited for a year before he finally found the courage to visit Dean’s grave


42 - Talk

Speed listened as Dean told him the truth about his life and he could not help but wonder how his lover was still alive when most men would have been crushed under the pressure of it all


43 - Search

He spent two long months searching for Dean before he finally found Deans brother, when Sam told him that Dean was dead he wished he had never began the search in the first place


44 - Hope

When he met Dean, he recognised the look of someone who had all hope taken from him


45 - Eclipse

The eclipse passed them both by as they far to busy in bed


46 - Gravity

Dying and the outer body experience almost felt to Speed as if he was floating in space unhindered by the confines of his own body


47 - Highway

When Dean told, all of Speeds work colleagues about the story of the woman in white many of them found it hard to drive alone on the roads at night


48 - Unknown

There was a part of him that he could never share with Speed for fear of losing him

49 - Lock

On a chain around his neck, Speed wore a key, a key that opened a door to the house he had recently bought with his lover

50 - Breathe

When Speed took his last breath, his only thought had been for Dean


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