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09 September 2006 @ 03:12 pm
Title: Weeks
: Jc Chasez, Buffy the vampire slayer,
Jc Chasez, Buffy characters and Joey fatone
008 Weeks
Word Count:
In the space of a week he helps to save the world
Disclaimer: Not my characters

On Monday he received a phone call from an friend Alex informing him that the world was about to be sucked into hell again and his help was needed

On Tuesday he was in sunnydale having told no one other than Joey where he was going. Joey was the only one he had told about his real past. The rest of the world only knew the bullshit past the record company had fabricated for him. His real past was filled with horrors that no Hollywood movie could ever come close to achieving. He spent the whole of Tuesday reconnecting with Alex and the rest of the sunnydale gang. During that day, he also received all of the information on what was going to try and suck the world into hell again.

On Wednesday the final plan for stopping he end of the world was discussed and the finer points were ironed out. Everyone knew what he or she would need to do. Everyone knew that there was high chance of death. Alex spent time with his friends and I phoned Joey.

On Thursday, the plan was put into action. We survived and the world was saved again. We survived with a whole new set of scars and memories to fill our nightmares. After we got back to Alex’s apartment, we all collapsed from sheer exhaustion.

On Friday, Alex called Joey to let him know that everything was okay. Friday was spent eating take out food and just relaxing.

On Saturday, he left sunnydale after promising to keep in contact with everyone and making solemn vows not to tell anyone what had happened. They all knew that Joey would be an exception to that rule.

On Sunday he was back home and the very first thing he did was to contact Joey. He spent two hours telling Joey what happened and he was now ready to tell the rest of the band his secret.

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