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09 September 2006 @ 03:09 pm
Title: Enemies
: Jc Chasez, Daredevil
Jc Chasez, Bullseye, Lou Pearlman
022 Enemies
Word Count:
The revenge would be worth all the years of careful planning
Not my characters and Jc is his own person.
I am assuming that Lou screwed Nysnc over money wise and he caused several member of the band emotional pain.  I know it’s not what happened, but this is just fiction.

The time had come to exact his revenge on Lou Pearlman

It has taken me years of careful planning to reach the point where I can kill him.  I had to sure; there was no way any evidence of a murder could be traced back to me.  I had to angelic in my innocence.  The murder of Lou Pearlman would leave a stain on my soul but that doesn’t bother me.  Lou has to pay for what he has done.  With the help of Bullseye who is an old friend Lou's death was made to look like a tragic accident.  Lou Pearlman’s Limousine had a tire blow out doing 120 mph on the freeway.  His death was instant.

A whole bunch of people mourned his death.  Some even had nice things to say about him.  When I was asked what I thought of Lou’s death.  I said it was a tragic loss for the music industry.

Privately with Bullseye by my side, I was smiling.


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