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09 September 2006 @ 03:06 pm
Title: Rain
: Jc Chasez, the professionals (old)
Jc Chasez, William Bodie
066 Rain
Word Count:
For the sake of this story, Bodie is in his mid thirties and the old professionals took place in the mid nineties.
He needs the rain to help him feel again
Not my characters, but one day when money will buy anything you want

It could kill me.

All I would have to do is step out into the rain and activate my mutant power of electricity.  My death would be quick but extremely painful.  As sick, as it is I need that pain.  I need that pain to feel alive

I step out into the rain and let the cool air of the night envelop me.  The rain is now soaking my clothes and I know that if I stay outside for much longer I will catch a cold.  I cannot bring myself to go back inside were it is warm.  I cannot allow myself to give in. 

“Joshua.”  Bodie called out, he knew that his lover was going though some issues, but standing out in the pouring rain was bordering on the ridiculous.

“Will.”  Joshua replied.  He attempted to convey in one word that he was okay.  Turning so his hands were blocked from Wills line of sight, he held out his hand to feel the rain.  Taking a breath, he began to let the electricity flow though his veins.  Just as he was about to generate the electricity and kill himself, he felt someone grab hold of him.

“What are you doing”, Bodie asked he had known that the death of Joshua’s mother would cause some problems in Joshua at some point.  It didn’t matter that Joshua’s family had disowned him.  They were still his family and despite everything that had happened, nothing would change that.

“Why can’t I feel anything for her,” Joshua asked as he allowed himself to be pulled into his lovers comforting embrace.

“I can’t answer that love.  All I can tell you is that it will get better,” Bodie replied even though he knew that wasn’t the truth.  Over the years, he had lost many friends and he had yet to grieve for them.

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