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09 September 2006 @ 03:06 pm
Title:  Death
Fandom:  Jc Chasez, ER
Characters:   Jc Chasez, Joey and Ray Barnett
Prompt:  030 Death
Word Count:   288
Rating:   PG-13
Summary:   In the end he had seven months of life
Disclaimer:   Not my characters and Jc is his own person.

I want to tell Ray that it doesn’t matter. I need to tell him that it doesn’t hurt anymore and he shouldn’t be scared for me. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, we both believed it could be beaten. We had gone though sop many trails as a couple. One of the main trails was my family disowning me when I told them about Ray. I went though months of treatment with Ray by my side. He was a constant source of support and comfort.

When we received the terrible news, the cancer was terminal I couldn’t cry. I couldn’t allow myself to break down over something I was unable to prevent. I had to be strong for Ray. The doctors told me I had six months left to live. Six months to get my life in order. Six months to make sure Ray would be well looked after hen I died. Together we planned my funeral. A funeral that I wanted to be full of colour.

I contacted Joey after not speaking to him for two years. I filled him in on all the news and dropped the bombshell news I had just six months left to live. I asked Joey to look after Ray when I died. We had a good long conversation and finally re-connected. Joey promised to look after Ray. My mind was finally at ease knowing that Ray would be looked after when I was gone.

In the end, the doctors got it wrong. I had eight months. Eight months to spend with Ray and my friend. At the end, Ray was with me. I wanted to tell him not to grieve but death took me before the word could be spoken.

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