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30 August 2006 @ 03:14 pm
one sentence beta  
Fandom: Real Person
Pairing: Jc Chasez/ Justin Timberlake
Theme set: Beta
Rating: NC-17 just to be on the safe side
Warnings: a few swear words
Summary different ways a relationship can end and begin again

1. Walking
He came home early from the studio wanting to surprise Justin, but he was the one who had received an unwanted surprise when he walked into there bedroom to find Justin in there bed with Cameron, instead of screaming at Justin he just walked out of the bedroom and out of Justin’s life

2. Waltz
It was the night of the MTV movie awards and he was presenting the best newcomer award to Justin, he dressed in an outfit, which would show Justin what he was missing

3. Wishes
Jc had honestly believed that the whole outfit nay just get Justin to think twice, but all he received was a dirty look that made him feel all of two inches tall, it was just a fools wish to think that the outfit would actually work

4. Wonder
When journalists asked him, what he though of Justin’s knew album he had to grin and answer as if he actually gave a damn.

5. Worry
When Jc refused to take any of his calls, he had thought nothing of it, when after two months Jc was still refusing to take any of his calls he began to worry

6. Whimsy
Justin wanted to know what would happen if he told, the worlds media Cameron wasn’t the one he loved and it was JC who had always held a place in his heart, but he didn’t have the confidence to make such a bold statement

7. Waste/Wasteland
Justin came home from a promotional tour of his new album to find all of Jc's belongings gone and his own clothes scattered across the house

8. Whiskey and Rum
Jc sat on the kitchen floor of his apartment holding a bottle of Jacks Daniels as if it could just drink the entire bottles contents and his relationship with Justin would not be over

9. War
The unofficial war had been announced against Cameron when Joey, lance and Chris found out that she was the cause of his break up with Justin

10. Weddings
Jc spent an afternoon with a tube of ice cream watching daytime soaps with crazy weddings plots trying to convince himself that he was okay, but all he succeeded in doing was making himself miserable

11. Birthday
“Happy Birthday Josh make a wish,” Joey said

12. Blessing
Jc had wished for his relationship with Justin to go back to what they used to have, but shit like that only happened in the movies and this was real life

13. Bias
“You don’t know what his like,” Jc said, “No I don’t, but he choose me,” Cameron replied

14. Burning
He was drunk, he didn’t know what he had been doing or at least that was the excuse he used when he kissed Justin with a passion usually reserved for when they were a couple.

15. Breathing
Justin took a breath and tried to tell himself that asking Jc to forgive him really should not be this hard

16. Breaking
When Jc opened the door to find Justin standing there asking to be forgiven he slammed the door shut unwilling to forgive Justin for cheating on him.

17. Belief
Justin had honestly believed that Jc would let him into the house or at least listen to what he had to say

18. Balloon
Jc stood by the front door for an hour listening for the noise Justin would make when he left when after an hour he had heard noise he opened the front door and found a balloon gift from Justin baring his name on the doorstop.

19. Balcony
He stood on the balcony of his tenth floor apartment listening to the words of Justin’s latest telephone message play.

20. Bane
“When are you going to forgive me josh, how long are you going to keep this up.”

21. Quiet
Jc sat in the corner of the darkened club and watched as Justin played an inmate gig to show case his new album.

22. Quirks
Where as Jc licking and sucking a candy cane was a huge turn on with Cameron it was a huge turnoff.

23. Question
He found Justin backstage at the MTV music awards and asked him why

24. Quarrel
The question had surprised Justin he did not think Jc would be so willing to discuss such a personal matter in an open area and instead of answering in a clam manner, he went on the defensive and for the second time in three months Jc walked away from him

25. Quitting
When jive asked him to say something about Justin’s new album for the media, he told jive it was over with and he knew that only Justin would understand what he meant by that.

26. Jump
For the comment, he had made about Justin’s new album many condemned him as being jealous of Justin’s success, then without any fuss the record company quietly let him go.

When news jive axing his contract broke Justin tried to contact him, but he simply ignored all of Justin’s calls and tired to block out the world with Chris Rocks reruns all it achieved was to remained him that laughter couldn’t change a damn thing

28. Jousting
The first battle to get there relationship back on track had begun with Justin’s calls, now it was stalking that Justin was being used as a weapon to restart there relationship

29. Jewel
Jc woke up one morning to find a gold ring on his bedside table, picking up the ring he found it to be inscribed with the words forever and a day.

30. Just
As the gifts from Justin became a daily occurrence Jc found himself waning slightly, but at the same time he did not want Justin to believe that he could be bought with gifts, all he wanted from Justin was the truth.

31. Smirk
He saw the photos of Cameron spending time with Justin and his family all he wanted to do was wipe the smug look of the bitchs face

32. Sorrow
Lynn had always known that her sons heart wasn’t really in his relationship with Cameron she knew that Jc was the person her son should be with and it sadden her to know that Justin wasn’t fighting hard enough for Jc

33. Stupidity
Justin had been a stupid bastard for cheating on Jc with Cameron and he was only now beginning to realize it

34. Serenade
Joey had dragged him to a new bar heard about from a family friend; they had been at the bar for no more that ten minutes when he could hear Justin dedicating a song to him
35. Sarcasm
Joey squeezed his arm and asked him not to be a sarcastic son of a bitch towards Justin, he was after all making an effort

36. Sordid
As he finished singing, Justin leaned forward and pulled Jc into a fierce embrace watching from the shadows Cameron could not help but feel disgusted by the sordid display of affection

37. Soliloquy
They all sat with Justin as he told E! News he was gay and in love with Jc

38. Sojourn
They all knew that it would only be small amount of time before there was a backlash for Justin coming out announcement; during that small amount of time, they could all experience normal for a while

39. Share
Despite Justin and Jc’s relationship being back on track, they had yet to share a bed

40. Solitary
Justin had left her for Jc she couldn’t get over the fact she had been left for a failing singer and that wasn’t something she could let go unpunished

41. Nowhere
Jc knew that Justin had hired out the entire theatre for just the two of them and the rest of Nysnc, but Cameron had somehow found out and demanded to be included, it was Joey who told her to fuck of

42. Neutral
Though out Justin’s relationship troubles with Jc Lynn had vowed to never take sides, but now they were officially back together she could say to herself that Jc was the side she had chosen

43. Nuance
Having an openly gay relationship was more than he could handle so for the second time he left Jc, but this time it was out of fear

44. Near
He stood next to Joey, using him as support to get though the next hour and asked Justin why he had left, why did he break his heart for a second time

45. Natural
He tired telling Justin that it was okay for him to fear the unknown of there relationship being played out in front of the worlds media

46. Horizon
He stood on the rooftop of the motel watching the dawning of a new day maybe this would be the day his relationship with Justin was not filled with one heartache after another.

47. Violent
He went on Oprah and told her all about his relationship with Justin, he told Oprah that sometimes it was hard to be in a relationship that everyone wanted to fail, but it was worth it.

48. Virtuous
When Justin spent the night with Cameron Jc tried not to assume the worse, but when the pictures of them in bed together appeared on the front page of every newspaper he left Justin for the final time

49. Victory
When those pictures were leaked to the magazines Cameron was ecstatic she had finally won Justin and it did not bother her in the slightest that Justin played no real part in those photos, it was wonderful what a million dollars could buy someone

50. Defeat
Jc looked at Cameron and told her that although she had Justin the way she gone about it would mean that, she would die a lonely unmarried woman and he would look forward to that day.

yeah i finished another one sentence thing
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