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28 August 2006 @ 04:41 pm
Title: 50 different ways to start a story
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Character: Ryan Wolfe
Theme set: Gamma
Disclaimer: They are not my characters.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: a few swear words, mentions of abuse

1. Snow
While other people built snowmen and had snowball fights with there parents every time it snowed, he spent his time hiding from his parents

2. Child
When Ryan was seven years old his dad told him all about a secret game he wanted to play, he should have known that no adult wants to play secret games with a seven-year-old child

3. Brick
Due to all that he had witnessed and suffered at the hands of his abusers Ryan had built a wall around his heart

4. Judgement
The first day working for Horatio Caine as his new CSI everyone had already judged him to be a poor replacement for speed

5. Powder
“Want some,” the man asked, Ryan looked at the neatly laid out lines of coke on the table and back at the drug addicted man seated next to him, and with a shrug of his shoulders he threw away the rest of his life and said yes.

6. Grim
When he got home from work to find a message on answer phone telling him his mom was dead, he deleted the message and all other calls concerning his mother’s death

7. Trap
The minute he walked into the crime scene Ryan knew that something was not right he was proven correct when a hidden prep appeared out of nowhere and shot him with a nail gun

8. Star
Ryan looked down at the body of another failed model and wondered when it was all going to end.

9. Possession
His dad reached the decision to send him to live with his uncle when he was just five years old, when he came back to live with his dad ten years later he had changed and he was no longer the son his dad had known, he was nothing more than an unloved toy

10. Bandage
He had learnt to use bandages when he was eight years old and he used a bandage to cover up his injuries, injuries he received from his father for being a bad boy

11. Pearl
The pear was the only thing he had managed to save from his dad when he his dad was searching for booze money; the pearl had once been a part of a broach his grandma had earned

12. Glass
When he was 21 Ryan had his first legal drink of alcohol his first taste of alcohol had been when he was eight years old and he lived with his uncle

13. Classified
When Horatio employed Ryan as a new CSI for his team there had been parts of Ryan’s file he had been unable to gain access to and that bothered him, he liked knowing everything about his employee’s.

14. Buttons
He hardly wore buttons on his clothes and when he did wear clothes that had buttons on he did not like to be touched by anyone, it made him skittish and reminded him of a past he desperately wanted to forget.

15. Closet
When he was four years old the old closet in his dad’s bedroom became a prison from which he could be abused

16. Ash
Ryan looked at the small container of ashes and found it hard to believe that just two weeks ago his friend had been alive

17. Definition
His dad had once called him a worthless bastard; he had to ask a friend what that meant

18. Staircase
He had so many visits to multiple hospital visits as a child and each time he was asked what happened he offered up the well-worn excuse of he had fallen down the stairs

19. Nail
The nail ripped into his eye socket and he felt no pain, he had felt worse pain as a child

20. Prey
Ryan ran though his house trying to escape his father, but in the end his father always caught up with him and punished him for running

21. Backward
As a child many people assumed he was backward, but they could not have been more wrong his IQ was of the charts, but he had been told by his that showing intelligence was a bad thing

22. Trouble
Ryan reached the point when all of the abuse came to be too much and he stopped just standing there taking each pain filled beating - he waited until his dad fell into a drunken stupor and shaved his dads eyebrows of - it may not have been a big act of revenge or defiance, but he was only seven years old at the time and the eyebrows took a good two weeks to grow back

23. Little
He was always a small child, but that smallness was an advantage as it caused many people to underestimate him.

24. Collar
The small leather collar hung on a hook in his bedroom, the collar was the only thing he had left to remind him of his pet dog banjo

25. Circle
He stood in the centre of the room and with a shiver remembered what had happened the last time he had been here

26. Hands
His fathers hands were always the bringer of pain, they had never been gentle

27. Freedom
The day he left for college he was finally free from his dads control, he could finally live

28. Last
The last time he had seen his mom she was walking out of the front door and leaving him behind with his dad

29. Scab
Ryan sat in the interview room with a child who had killed her abusive parents and he could see the path his life could have taken if he not managed to get into a college thousands of miles away from his dad

30. Crown
Ryan watched the prom king and queen take to the dance floor and he found himself hoping Carrie would make an appearance

31. Time
He had once heard someone say that time was a predator that stalks us all, he never really believed it until the day he was shot with a nail gun and he came close to dying

32. Rice
When he was five he tired to cook some rice, but he nearly burnt the house down.

33. Prey
Ryan wanted to tell Alexx why he never mentioned his family, but he could not find the words – how could he explain that his family had taken away his innocence and very nearly worn away his soul.

34. Paint
One of the very first things Ryan did when he got his new apartment was to paint it

35. Ache
When Eric told Ryan that he valued him as a friend and wanted to take there relationship to the next level, his heart ached with fear because he knew that it would only be a matter of time before Eric realized he was not good enough.

36. Cherry
Until the age of 12 he had only known that having a cherry was something which got popped when you had sex

37. Library
Ryan spent hours in the high school library studying for his final exams and an escape route to college

38. Win
It was Alexx who told had Ryan about her family she accepted him into her family and when after a bad nightmare Ryan told her all about his childhood she wept for him, but she knew that she had finally gained Ryan’s trust when he had shared such personal information with her.

39. Loss
He had lost many things in is life, but losing his dad was a loss he could bare

40. Fold
Ryan knew he had been accepted as a member of Horatio's team when Alexx invited him to her family barbecue, it had been an annual event for four years and after a year he was finally being invited along.

1. Music
Ryan listened to the sounds of Jazz being played and he smiled.

42. Bell
The bell was a signal for the beginning of a school class; it was the sound for the beginning of a test, at the age of 27 the bell had yet to ring to signal the end of his test.

43. Sleep
Every night Ryan would try to sleep in his bed, but his old defences would always kick in and I the end he would find himself sleeping in the darkest corner of his bedroom

44. Contact
People assumed that he was a little OCD and he wasn’t going to deny that wasn’t true, but a part of it was also his dislike to being touched in a friendly manner by anyone he didn’t know, it made him think of days gone by

45. Electricity
Ryan had been at his new apartment for no more than a week when the electricity was cut of by the landlord, the excuse offered was maintenance on the building and the electricity had been switched of for safety reasons, Ryan just accepted the excuse for the lie it was.

46. Milk
Ryan reassured that ordering milk at a diner was okay, milk was healthy and who really cared what people thought

47. Wild
Ryan went to a rave once when he was sixteen, he spent an entire night losing himself to the music and when morning came he had to go back to the cold harsh reality

48. Expectation
When Ryan started working a CSI for Horatio he believed that the rest of the team would never accept him and they would forever compare him there dead friend, he was proved wrong when Alexx slowly followed by the others welcomed him with open arms.

49. Mechanism
Even after Ryan had been free of his dad for ten years he still had defence mechanisms which slammed into place whenever he felt threatened

50. Finale
Watching the life slip out of his dads body Ryan wanted to ask him why it had happened, why had he been so abusive, but no words would come out of is mouth.

This 50 sentences is for one character I choose Ryan wolfe as my claim
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