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26 August 2006 @ 04:09 pm
One Fandom  

001.MortalJc was so damn tried of pretending that he wasn't dying, when he let slip during an interview with MTV that his doctor had told him the cancer was terminal and he had just six months to live, he was relieved that he could finally stop pretending that death wasn’t coming for him.
002.BrokenAfter the band broke, up for there, hiatus they all knew that there would be no new Nysnc album, the band was over and they were all now a part of boy band history
003.VanishChris tells himself that it doesn’t bother him if no one recognizes him but it does
004.RainStanding in the rain was the only place Joey felt clean
005.OceanThe first time Lance went on a cruise ship it was to film a video for Nysnc’s next single; he spent most of the time being sick
006.TenseEvery time Lou touched JC he would flinch, no one wanted to ask why
007.Soon“Soon I’ll be famous,” Justin had once said, when he achieved that fame he wanted to be unknown again
008.WhyJc could spend the next few years asking successful but would be the point
009.WinterJoey enjoyed the winter he could make snowmen with his kids.
010.FallenPeople often told him that he was angelic in his looks, but he felt more like a fallen angel, he had after all cut of all contact with his friends
011.StormThe first flash of lightening sent Jc running for what Justin had termed his comfort spot, the thunder sent him running out of his bedroom and down to his studio basement, where he spent the rest of the night recording songs for an album no one would hear.
012.DoorSomeone once told Chris that when one door closes another opens, they lied
013.FlashThe constant flash of the cameras gave Justin chronic headaches but wasn’t that a part of being so famous
014.WaitWhen Justin announced his engagement to Cameron Jc knew that Justin constant promises of telling the world about there, relationship was just a lie and he had spent years waiting for something that would never happen
015.ShrineJoey never told anyone about the shrine Lou had built for Jc
016.BlackThey all stood in front of Lances coffin and each of them said a silent goodbye to there friend
017.LostJustin has such a big house that he sometimes has to give his visitors direction to certain rooms within the house
018.CellBefore Justin asked him to join the band he spent a week in prison for a DUI charge, it was something the record covered up, but if he was ever asked about having a criminal record, he wasn’t going to lie
019.VillianJoey finally asked Jc why he used to flinch when Lou touched him and when Jc told what Lou had done to him all those years ago, he very nearly became the first boy band member in history to commit murder
020.RoadWhen Nysnc ended Jc was releaved when his solo career failed he was relived that he no longer had to live on the road for months at a time
021.WeepWhen Justin told him that there relationship was over he turned to the rest of the band for comfort.
022.BlindIf Justin was unable to see what he had done to Jc by ending there, relationship Chris was done being his friend
023.PactThey all made a pact to remain friends once the band came to an end that pact lasted for just three months
024.FlightLance had a well-known fear of flying, but he still flew halfway across the country when Chris needed his help
025.HardIt was the hardest thing he had ever done when he told the guys Nysnc was over.
026.WarChris watches the news about the war in Iraqi and knows that what he considers to be problems in his life pale in comparison when compared to what the armed forces go though on a daily basis
027.DeedLike AC/DC once said dirty deeds done cheap and that was proved to be true every time Justin called Jc
028.Unknown Joey wants to go back to a time before he was famous so he was not seen as a failure every time a project was not a run away success.
029.DeepLance knows that Jc was in deep with Justin relationship wise when Justin’s engagement to Cameron was announced he spent four days trying to cheer his friend up, but he was only partially successful and Jc ended up cutting all ties with Justin
030.SuddenWhen Joey told Justin what Lou had to Jc, Justin spent the next few moths planning his revenge no one would dare to tell him that he was acting rashly.
031.DreadJustin could not stop the sense of dread he had when he realised his new album and waited for the reviews
032.BurnWith Nysnc, joey’s career had been successful beyond all belief but that success had burnt itself out a couple years after Nysnc ended.
033.ClockThe ticking clock was a countdown of the time they had left as a band.
034.Words“I’m sorry,” Justin muttered as he apologized for ending Nysnc, but they all knew he did mean it
035.FastIn the case of Justin, it was too much too soon and before the age of 30 he had burnt out
036.ThreeWhen the record company asked the members of Nyncs to continue as a trio the answer was a resounding no
037.PlaceNo one was surprised when Justin announced he was gay and in love with Jc, they had after all always been inseparable.
038.IronyJustin promised to always help any of the guys if it was needed, but when a call for help was made Justin couldn’t get away from his former band mates fast enough, the irony is that they all believed he would rush to help them.
039.Sky“I want to reach out and touch the sky,” Justin said, but what he really wanted to say was let me free
040.ClosetJc was brutally kicked out of the closet when he was attacked for hitting on the wrong guy
041.RealThe reality of the band being just another blip in music history was proved when the greatest hits album only sold four million copes, for the music industry it was seen as a failure
042.FairThe bitter experience with Lou taught Jc that very few men could be trusted
043.KnotLance had a knot in his stomach when he released a statement telling people he was gay and proud
044.LowJustin finally reached rock bottom when not even his own mom would talk to him
045.WellJoey smiled and laughed at Justin’s party for his first solo album, but he knew that it was the beginning of the end
046.TokenThe group photo was the only thing Chris had kept to remind him of his Nysnc days.
047.Ugly“Boasting about the success of your album is an ugly thing to do Justin,” Lynn remarked
048.LureThe promise of hot sex was enough to lure Justin from Cameron’s side
049.DrinkJust one more drink and Chris could forget about the last few days of his life
050.DustThe queen song another one bites the dust played though Joeys mind as he drove to Lance’s house

another table and this time it is for one fandom. I have chosen Nysnc.
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Yawnk: NSYNCsavannahjan on October 3rd, 2006 10:40 pm (UTC)
I actually enjoyed a lot of the content, though, having JC be gay was icky for me since he was totally my heart-throb!!!

These were difficult to read because of all their many mistakes, though.
claudia_lexanclaudia_lexan on October 14th, 2006 03:47 pm (UTC)
I really need to get a beta for these one sentence things, but I have yet to find someone who does beta rpf.