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25 August 2006 @ 04:41 pm
Title: Not really music
Author: Claudia_Lexan
Fandom: Real Person
Character: Jc Chasez
Rating: PG -13
Theme set: Alpha
Disclaimer: His real, so belongs to no one but himself

1. Speak
He had just been told that his next album would not be released, his career as a musician with Jive had ended and now they were all waiting for his reaction.

2. Touch
The small touch Justin made with his hand a she walked past Jc, gave Jc the hope that just maybe everything would be okay.

3. Memory
All he had to remind himself of a relationship with Justin was the memories he kept locked away in his heart

4. Vanilla
Hagen Dazs ice cream was without a doubt best enjoyed when licked of the body of his lover.

5. Chocolate
It would surprise most people to know he was allergic to chocolate

6. Ways and Means
It was wrong to phone Justin in the early hours of the morning just to hear his voice, but it was worth it.

7. Belief
All of the belief he had once held in god was ripped away when he was diagnosed with cancer

8. Linger
He wants to stay in this world for just a few more months, but he knows that the cancer eating away at his body means he only has a few days left to live.

9. Illuminance
All of the paparazzi's camera flashes go of at the same time as his photograph is taken and he wonders why he still feels so empty inside.

10. Ornament
The music awards he had received throughout his career sat in the darkest corner of barely used closet, the wards were nothing more than tacky ornaments.

11. Coup de Foudre
He stood before his family and told them he was gay, the reaction of his family was one of acceptance and not the rejection he had been expecting.

12. Archway
Jc knew that all of the money Justin was spending on remodeling there house had gone to far when he saw a large archway that marked the new entrance to the house.

13. Fate
Jc had always known that Justin would never stay by his side it was what the fates had always had in store for him.

14. Pulse
In just a few short seconds, Justin felt the last beat of Jc heart

15. Envelope
He held the envelope up to the light trying to discover ho had taken the time to write him a letter, when all of his friends and family stopped writing to him years ago.

16. Cold
With a broken heart, he placed a tender kiss on the blue lips of his lover.

17. Need
His hands began to shake when he has gone for more than an hour without his fix after two hours he starts mumbling French swear words under his breath and it is only when Justin gives him a coffee that he finally gets his much needed fix.

18. Drunk
It started out as one drink to calm his nerves after a hard day in the studio and before long, that one drink has become a bottle

19. Mask
When people looked at him they always assumed things that were not true and he preferred it that way, it was always so much better to be underestimated.

20. Rose
He placed the white rose on the grave of his mom he felt anger at his mom for having been left behind to deal with a grieving family.

21. Two
It was just the two of them seated next to each other in an empty studio.

22. Fresh
When his music career came to an end he discovered that many people thought his music was dated and stuck to far in the past

23. Bribe
The record label suggested that a cash money offer would allow his continued existence as a solo artist he told them to fuck of.

24. Error
It had been a mistake to believe hat he could trust anyone.

25. Appetite
He was constantly accused of lacking the drive and hunger for a continued career in music, but he had proved that accusation wrong when he had success with Nysnc than latter on as a solo artist.

26. Refrain
“The winner is”, more than once he had heard those words with Justin’s name attached and he had to stoop himself from asking why it was not his name attached to those words.

27. Family
Family was meant to protect you they were never meant to disown you.

28. Grieve
While everyone else was able to cry over the sudden loss of Jc, all Justin could feel was dead inside.

29. Vapor
The smoke effects for the video, which was being filmed to go with his next single, was becoming a problem when it caused people to start having coughing fits.

30. Tea
The first thing Jc did in the morning was to make himself a cup of tea after drinking the tea he was ready for anything the world had to throw at him.

31. Medicine
He had always seen the use of any type of pills as a last resort he did not like the way the pills dulled his senses and took away that sharp edge he always had.

32. Moth
Like a moth drawn towards the bright heat of a flame, he found himself unable to stay away from Justin,

33. Perfect
He was not really a perfectionist he just like things to be a certain way

34. Rope
Jc listened to Justin speak about his love for Cameron and he realized that the saying of giving a person enough rope to hang themselves with was true.

35. Wind
Leaning over the balcony of his fifth floor apartment, he feels alive when the wind ruffles his hair.

36. Crossroads
Jc looked at AJ his one time rival in music and accepted the bottle of beer from AJ and with a small smile he asked “Why didn’t we do this sooner,” they both laughed and realized that a so called rivalry no longer existed between them.

37. Summer
Summer vacation was a time he could relax and spend some time with his family.

38. Candy
Candy it was most definitely a sin to have eaten so much but it was Halloween so it was allowed.

39. Photograph
It was the only photograph he had kept of them as Nysnc and he could see the cracks had already begun to appear, it was sad that he kept a photograph of what was the beginning of the end for Nysnc.

40. Spoon
Absentmindly he used the bent spoon to stir his coffee.

41. Forest
Jc was lucky enough to have a forest just a ten minutes drive from his house on days when he had no fresh ideas for song lyrics he would take his dog and go for a walk.

42. Mirror
Jc stared at his reflection in the mirror noting the dark circles underneath his eyes it was another sign of just how badly he was handling his breakup with Justin.

43. Smoke
Justin always goes though a packet of cigarettes when he stays with me and I cannot tell him that I hate the smell of the way the smoke always lingers.

44. Shine
With a smile he walked though hi house quietly humming “ain’t no sunshine" it was a song that reminded him of the happier time she had spent with Justin

45. Balloon
The balloons proclaiming it was his 30th birthday littered the floor of his living room and with an ungodly amount of glee; he used a kitchen knife to burst all of them.

46. Vine
If you are not careful, vines could choke the life out of you.

47. Butterfly
As a child Jc had ran though the fields near his home with a net to collect all of the butterflies he could find, it was something his parents still found an assuming tale to tell anyone who visited.

48. Gloves
When he argued with Justin they would both know which buttons to push in each other, neither one of them held anything back.

49. Venom
He looked Justin in the eye and with all of the strength he could muster he told him where he could stick his apology it felt oddly liberating to speak with such venom towards his now ex-lover.

50. Remain
Everyone despite all of the denials had left the group years ago and he was the only one that had chosen to remain behind, the only one who refused to give up on what was once a good friendship.

This small one sentence fics , or whatever you may want to call it is from the Theme Alpha table for one character. I choose Jc Chasez.
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