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23 August 2006 @ 07:16 pm
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Pairing: Horatio Caine/Ryan Wolfe
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: PG-13

1. Comfort
For the first time in his life Ryan found himself able to relax with a partner, he felt safe with Horatio and Ryan knew that together there was nothing they would not be able to deal with.

2. Kiss
Placing a kiss on Horatios cold lips Ryan said a silent goodbye to his lover

3. Soft
When he and Horatio became an established couple, he had a reason to wear on of Horatios Shirts, a shirt tat he always wore when they were separated by work.

4.  Pain
He could not stop the scream that escaped his lips when the nail tore though his eye.

5. Potatoes
With a smile reminiscent of a childhood long since past Horatio snagged one of Ryan’s MacDonald’s fries and he was instantly reminded of why he had never really like them to begin with. 

6. Rain
Just for a single moment, Ryan could believe that the rain would wash away his sins

7. Chocolate

As the chocolate was slowly licked from his skin Horatio did not even attempt to hide the moans of pure ecstasy as Ryan hit a sensitive spot, he was grateful that he had made the time to buy the chocolate body paint to begin with

8. Happiness
Ryan shared a secretive smile with Horatio as Eric asked him how his date was last night

 9. Telephone
He needed to hear Horatio’s voice telling him it would be okay, but he could not bring himself to pick up the phone.

10. Ears
I’m so sorry Mr Caine, we did everything we could but we were unable to save Mr Wolfe’s eyesight.”

11. Name
Ryan Wolfe was not his real name and it never had been, but no one to know that particular secret of his, not even Horatio.

12. Sensual
Horatio caught himself smiling when he remembered the way Ryan had touched him last night.

13. Death
Ryan knew there would come a time when he would have to face death, but he had never wanted to die in his lovers arms, unable to speak any words comfort to his lover, all he could do was die.

14. Sex
He had been introduced to sex as a young child but it only when he met Horatio that he realised sex was not meant to be a secret

15. Touch
Just the smallest touch from Horatio was enough to remind him of how loved he was

16. Weakness
It broke his heart to do it, but Horatio had promised he would never lie to him and Horatio had broken that promise he was not about to forgive Horatio it would be a sign of weakness and his dad had told him that weakness was an unforgivable sin.

17. Tears
When the nail hit him he tried not to cry, but he could not help it the pain was too much to bare and the tears were his only release.

18. Speed
Horatio may have chosen him as a lover, but he knew he was just second best when compared to speed

19. Wind
Ryan stood on the edge of the roof and looked down at he sidewalk 20 floors below him, ignoring Horatios pleading voice he stopped of the ledge and embraced his death as the wind rushed up all around him, making sure that his death would be a quick one.

20.  Freedom
“Its over.” Ryan said as he brang an end to a relationship that ha always been a dirty little secret.

21. Life
As he felt the warm breath of Horatio on his lips Ryan silently thanked all known gods that this time death had been deprived of Horatio Caine

22. Jealousy
Ryan looked between Yelina and Horatio desperately trying to not to show how jealous he was of there closeness.

23. Hands
With a shaking hand he down the bottle of beer in one go and silently toasted the end of his relationship with Horatio

24. Taste
The tasted of vanilla ice-cream reminded him of how he enjoyed last nights dessert with Ryan

25. Devotion
He had known Horatio for all of two weeks and it was as if he had known him his entire life

26. Forever
Even as Horatio promised to never leave, they both knew it was a promise he would not be able to keep

27. Blood
As the blood poured from his eye he wasn’t scared he just never knew he could bleed that much

28. Sickness
Ryan sat in the doctor’s office and listened as he was told just what he cancer was doing to his body, it didn’t scare him, but he knew he would soon become so sick that horatio would want to care for him he couldn’t allow that to happen, he wouldn’t become such a burden o Horatio

29. Melody
Horatio hummed what Ryan called there song.

30. Star
Ryan looked up at the night sky and pointed out the star he had named after Horatio

31. Home
Ryan had never known what a home could be like until he met Horatio 

32. Confusion
Horatio looked at Ryan as he walked away and found himself wondering where it had all gone so wrong. 

33. Fear
Ryan had always had a fear that he would be left by everyone he loved and that fear was proven when Horatio left him. 

34. Lightening/Thunder
Safe in Horatio’s arms Ryan knew that the lightening could not hurt him

35. Bonds
The gold bands on there fingers was a symbol of there partnership

36. Market
It was a small market in the quieter part of Miami were he found the killer 

37. Technology
Silently cursing the no signal on his cellphone Horatio began the long back to his hummer 

38. Gift
Neither man was a strong believer in gifts, but they did make an expectation for Valentines Day.

39. Smile
It was rare that Horatio smiled, but when he did, it was for Ryan

40. Innocence
Any Innocence Ryan had was ripped from him when he was put in the foster care system

41. Completion
When Ryan gave Horatio a copy of his house keys there, relationship took another step towards a more serious long-term commitment

42. Clouds
Even now, Ryan would lay on the decking in his backyard and make shapes out of the clouds

43. Sky
As he laid on the hard unforgiving pavement his life slowly bleeding out of him he looked up at the bright blue sky and knew that he would soon be protecting Ryan from heaven.

44. Heaven
Horatio looked at Ryan sleeping peacefully next to him in bed and knew that he had found his own personal slice of heaven.

45. Hell
As the gun slipped out of his lax fingers Ryan knew that hew would go straight to hell for shooting an unarmed man, but the man had threatened to shoot Horatio and Ryan had simply reacted.

46. Sun
The sun shining though the curtains was a reminder of another day without Ryan

47. Moon
Horatio tried to tell Ryan that the kiss with Yelina was a mistake, but Ryan refused to listen to a word he had to say.

48. Waves
He woke up from a drug-induced sleep and found it hard to fight of the waves of nausea, it was only with Horatio rubbing comforting circles on his back he was able to cope

49. Hair
When the wave of nausea had past, Horatio gently brushed an errant strand of hair out Ryan’s eyes.

50. Supernova
Ryan watched as Horatio leaned in closer to the murder suspect and told him what would happen if he did not cooperate

This is my completed theme Aplha for one sentence. I have chosen Horatio Caine and Ryan Wolfe for my pairing
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