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23 August 2006 @ 01:01 pm
Title: Unexpected passenger
Buffy, Angel, supernatural
010 Phantom Traveler
Word Count:
A short vacation and the ride back home is made a little more interesting than normal due to an unexpected traveler.
Well I would say it is an au as it is set after the fall of sunnydale. 
Author notes
: This fic also alters the timeline a far bit.  I have never seen the last few episodes of angel.  Therefore, what happened in that season does not happen in any of my fics



I have survived a life on the Hellmouth.


I have saved the world from ending more times than I care to remember.  I have survived all of the attempts friends and various supernatural creatures have made on my life.  I made it though the last big battle in sunnydale with very few in juries.  I spent a hard, but worthwhile two years in Africa searching for newly activated slayers.  I found fifty slayers during those two years in Africa.  Fifty slayers that should never have been called.  It should have remained as the one slayer.  One slayer that dies and another one is called to take her place.  I don’t mean to be cold, but calling every slayer that had the potential to be one was stupid.  What happens when those slayers die? 


I have survived listening to angels attempts at singing.  Let me tell you his singing is bad.  I could peel the paint of the walls. 


When Spike and Dawn got together my sanity just made it though the chaos of there wedding.  I watched as Buffy got it together with Gunn.  It was surprise to everyone, but there well suited.  When Angel finally met someone who could be his equal, I actually felt happy for him.  The maturity of adulthood finally making a difference in my attitude towards Angel.  The person he found is a follow hunter, but he was not someone who could stay in one place.  He was a traveling hunter and had a mission to complete.  Angel did not let that stop and he sometimes travels with Dean.  I barely survived when I scratched the Impala.  Who knew that Dean was so attached to a car?


I survived all of that, but it was meeting a phantom Traveler that nearly caused my heart to give out.  A phantom traveler is the sprit of someone who has fallen victim to a tragedy (usually murder, suicide or an accident).  The sprit I met was not in any way harmful it just scared the crap out of me. 


I was on my way back to LA after a short vacation.  A vacation, which lasted just three days.  I took the long route back on my drive back to LA.  The route that was miles upon mile of road.  I was half a day into my journey back to LA when I saw a middle-aged woman walking up the side of the road.  I did think about driving past the woman and juts ignoring her, but damn my conscience I stopped and asked the woman if she needed a ride.  This woman gets into the passenger seat of my car and closes the door.  I guess that meant she needed a ride.


The woman then begins to tell me that she is going to LA to see her son and could I take her there.  I told the woman it was no problem as to LA.  On the way to LA, we talked about family and just general things.  I found that she has a son called Charles who she named after a very close friend.  Charles is the apple of her eye.  When we reached LA, she asked me to take her down town.  I was not to sure if it was such a good idea to take her down town.  I had no idea if she was going to be okay or where she had to go that was located down town.


The woman insisted it was okay she had a friend she could call.  After many reassurances that she would be okay, I drove her to down town LA.  As we drove, the woman told me that her son was a good man and she was sorry he had suffered so much heartache.  Just before we reached her final destination, I asked her what her name was.  I could not tell anyone back at the hotel hat I had picked up a middle-aged women hitchhiker and did not get her name.  She asked me to call her momma Gunn.  Before I had the chance to ask her if Charles Gunn was her son, a kid ran out in front of the car.  I managed top avoid hitting the kid and cursed up a storm while doing so.  When I turned wound to open the door and let momma gun out she was not there.  I knew she did not leave the car as I did not stop driving long enough for her to get out safely.  Momma Gunn had simply vanished.


The drive back to the hotel was done in record time.  I found Gunn and asked him if his mom went by the name of momma Gunn.  When he said yes and asked me why I wanted to know I told him all about my hitchhiker.  Gunn told me that his mom died two years ago in a brutal vampire attack


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