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23 August 2006 @ 11:03 am
Title: He
Fandom: Jc Chasez, X-men
Pairings: Jc Chasez, Bobby Drake
Prompt: 088 He
Word Count: 177
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The explanation of a needle phobia
Disclaimer: Jc is his own person. X men belongs to other people.

Bobby made a promise too never leave me. Like a fool, I believed him.

I told Bobby a long held secret. A secret that I knew would put his life in danger. As Bobby was always so fond of telling me, he was an x-man. Life threatening danger was a daily occurrence for him.

To know that I finally had someone I could be myself with was a refreshing change. For so many years, I had to be so careful not to show of my mutant ability to anyone. I always acted like Clark Kent on a bad day. When my mutant power went out of control bobby was not as accepting as he had been. He stood frozen to the spot as my mutant power of electricity tried to rip me apart from the inside. He stood watching as each powerful burst of electricity sent further up into the air. When Professor Xavier bring my mutant ability back under control, I instantly looked towards bobby for some comfort.

All I saw was disgust in his eyes

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